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Unit 9: Family and Marriage | Vocabulary | B1


If you fill in an official form, such as a census, you may be asked to categorise your marital status into one of the following groups:

•  single               •  married

•  divorced           •  widowed

•  separated         •  engaged

Make sure you know what all these words mean.


Match the males with the females in the following categories:

1. mother-in-law A. fiancé
2. spinster B. widower
3. widow C. father-in-law
4. fiancée D. ex-husband
5. ex-wife E. bachelor


Now complete these sentences to define the words given below:

spinster     widower     engaged     ex-wife     fiancé

1. A man whose wife has died is a _____________.

2. A woman who has never married is a _____________.

3. A man who is engaged to be married is somebody’s _____________.

4. A woman who has divorced her husband becomes his _____________.

5. Before they get married, a couple usually get _____________.


Fill the gaps in the text with the following words:

weds     married     marriage      wedding

Tom and Laura’s 1._______ took place on a beautiful day in June. The priest who 2._______ them was an old friend of the family and made them feel very relaxed. After the ceremony, they all went to sign the 3._______ certificate and the newly-4._______ joined their family and friends for the reception.


Do you know the difference between the terms ‘marriage’ and ‘wedding’?

marriage – the legal union of husband and wife

wedding – the ceremony and all the festivities connected with marriage

Fill the gaps to complete the following sentences. Use marriage or wedding:

1. Do you believe in _____________?

2. I’ve been invited to Paul and Sarah’s _____________.

3. Their _____________ lasted 22 years.

4. I went to their _____________ but the rest of the family didn’t approve of their _____________.


Below is a text describing a typical English wedding. Rearrange the letters given in bold type to complete the paragraph. Then put them in the table on the next page:

A wedding in England is a very special occasion which requires months of preparation. Traditionally, the 1. RBEDI wears a long white dress and 2. ELVI ; the 3. OGROM wears a suit and all the guests dress up smartly. The bride may be attended by 4. DIABREMISDS and/or pageboys while the 5. ETSB NAM stands beside the groom.

Special religious songs called 6. YHSMN are sung in church and after the 7. MERCENYO is over, the newly-weds leave the church together and their friends and relatives throw 8. NOFITCET over them. Later, everyone enjoys themselves at the reception, where they eat a wedding breakfast and toast the 9. UPOLCE before they leave for their 10. NYONOEHMO.

1   6
2   7
3   8
4   9
5   10

Look at the sketch below and label the following:

bride     groom     bouquet     veil     ring     best man     bridesmaid     priest



Here are some verb phrases connected with family, marriage and relationships:

going out with      am close to      keep in touch with      left on the shelf

Use them to fill the gaps in the following sentences:

1. My sister’s been __________ her boyfriend for over two years but I don’t think they’ll get married.

2. I __________ my parents even though I don’t live at home any more.

3. I still __________ my French penfriend and I hope one day she’ll come and visit me.

4. She’s thirty-five, still single and starting to feel as though she’s been __________.

EXERCISE 8  |  Affixes

Choose from the prefixes below to complete the following sentences:

un-      ex-      re-      be-

1. I’ll               name my children after I get divorced.

2. My              -husband’s family don’t speak to me any more.

3. She became another              married mother living in the city.

4. He’s been very              happy since the divorce.

5. I tried to               friend her but she preferred to be on her own.


Check your understanding of the vocabulary in this unit by answering the following questions:

1. What is your present marital status? __________.

2. A man who has never been married is called a _________.

3. _________ is often thrown at the couple during the wedding.

4. The bride throws her ________ of flowers over her shoulder after the wedding.

5. People who are members of the same family are called relations or __________.