15Tháng Mười Hai

The Bum

A bum approaches a well-dressed gentleman on the street. “Hey, Buddy, can you spare two dollars?”
The well-dressed gentleman responds “You are not going to spend in on liquor are you?”
“No, sir, I don’t drink” retorts the bum.
“You are not going to throw it away in some crap game, are you?” asks the gentleman.
“No way, I don’t gamble” answers the bum.
“You wouldn’t waste the money at a golf course for green fees, would you?” asks the man
“Never” says the bum, “I don’t play golf”
The man asks the bum if he would like to come home with him for a home cooked meal. The bum accepts eagerly. While they are heading for the man’s house, the bum’s curiosity gets better of him. “Isn’t your wife going to be angry when she sees a guy like me at your table?”
“Probably” says the man, “but it will be worth it. I want her to see what happens to a guy who doesn’t drink, gamble or play golf.”

Từ mới trong bài:

– liqour (n): chất lỏng, rượu
– retort (n,v): đỗi lại, vặn lại, cãi lại
– crap (n): vô nghĩa, bậy bạ
– gamble (n,v): đánh bạc, cuộc đánh bạc
– green fee: số tiền phải trả để chơi một trận gôn
– eagerly (adv): một cách háo hức