Unit 9: Present tenses for future | Grammar | B1
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Unit 9: Present tenses for future | Grammar | B1

As a general rule, if you are talking about the future in relation to official timetables or the calendar, you use the present simple.When talking about people’s plans and arrangements for the future, you use the present continuous.

EXERCISE 1  |  Present simple used for timetables or the calendar


Above is a ticket with the flight details of Mr Martin Mayfly's journey from London to Thessaloniki. Use the simple present of the verbs given in parentheses to complete the paragraph below explaining his arrangements:

Mr Mayfly 1.__________ (FLY) to Thessaloniki from London on the 10th of July. He 2.__________ (LEAVE) at 3 o’clock and 3.__________ (ARRIVE) at five minutes past eight. His flight number 4.__________ (BE) OA550. His ticket 5.__________ (COST) £235.

EXERCISE 2  |  Present continuous for future arrangements

Use the present continuous to complete the dialogue below. The first one is done for you:

A: Have you got any plans for tonight?

B: Yes, I’m meeting (MEET) Jonathan. He 1.________ ________ (TAKE) me to dinner and then we 2.________ ________ (GO) to a nightclub in town.

A: 3.________ you ________ (DO) anything tomorrow afternoon?

B: Yes, I 4.________ ________ (HAVE) lunch with Annabel and we 5.________ ________ (VISIT) the new art gallery.

A: What 6.________ they ________ (DO) this weekend?

B: I think they 7.________ ________ (PLAY) football on Saturday morning. Ted 8.________ ________ (STAY) at home, though. Roy 9.________ ________ (PUT) up a fence in the garden and Ted 10.________ ________ (HELP) him.


Use the present simple or present continuous of the verb given in brackets to complete the following sentences:

1. The last train to Aberdeen ________ (LEAVE) at 11:00 p.m.

2. "What ________ you ________ (DO) at the weekend?"

"I ________ (PLAY) tennis with some friends from London,"

3. "When ________ you ________ (GET) back from your holiday?" "On Thursday."

4. We ________ (HAVE) a dinner party for twelve next Friday.

5. What time ________ they________ (FINISH) work?

6. The play ________ (OPEN) at the Apollo Theatre on April 9th.

7. The conference ________ (BEGIN) on June 17th.

8. They ________ (GET) married in September.