Unit 8: Jobs | Vocabulary | A1
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Unit 8: Jobs | Vocabulary | A1


Nhiều học sinh tiếng Anh bối rối khi sử dụng từ ‘job’ và ‘work’.

Job là danh từ đếm được: The job is interesting. I need a job.

Work là một động từ: I work in a shop. We work together.

hoặc là một danh từ không đếm được: The work is tiring. I have a lot of work.

Chúng ta KHÔNG nói: I need a work. 


Hoàn thành những câu dưới đây bằng job hoặc work

1. We_______________ in a hospital.

2. I want a_______________ as an airline pilot.

3. How do you like your new________________?

4. I don't need the money but I do like to__________.


Name of job Place of work
Bank manager In a bank
mechanic In a garage
sailor On a ship
policeman At a police station
builder On a building site
nurse In a hospital

Tạo câu: ví dụ. A bank manager works in his bank.

1. A mechanic __________________________.

2. A sailor______________________________.

3. A __________________________________.

4. ____________________________________.

5. ____________________________________.

EXERCISE 3  |  DEFINITIONS: What's my line of work?

a) I go to work early in the morning. Sometimes I get very cold and tired because I have to work out of doors in all weathers. I don't sell anything and I don't have an office. I work alone and have no assistant to help me. Most people are pleased to see me because I bring good news from friends and relatives. I have to visit lots of houses in different streets. The worst thing about my job is that sometimes I meet very unfriendly dogs!

I'm a________________________.

b) I have a shop in the centre of town. I get up quite early in the morning and my shop stays open all day. My customers like to buy what I have to sell while it’s fresh and I keep everything in a special refrigerator. I sell different kinds of meat, such as lamb, beef and sausages. I'm a__________________________.

Nối những công việc sau với định nghĩa đúng nhất: 

1. A fireman is A. someone who repairs cars.
2. A nurse is B. someone who works in the fields.
3. A teacher is C. someone who serves food.
4. A builder is D. someone who fixes water pipes.
5. A pilot is E. someone who builds houses and other buildings.
6. A waitress is F. someone who treats sick animals.
7. A vet is G. someone who helps fight crime.
8. A policeman is H. someone who flies planes.
9. A mechanic is I. someone who rescues people from danger.
10. A plumber is J. someone who takes care of our health.
11. A farmer is K. someone who helps us learn new things.


Có một số từ đặc biệt dành cho một nhóm người cùng làm việc, ví dụ. sailor - crew. Nối những công việc này với danh từ chính xác:

1. teacher A. army
2. policeman B. staff
3. soldier C. air force/ crew
4. pilot D. police force


Ebenezer Scrooge was, as we all know, a very mean man. He hated spending money; in fact, he kept all his money in his house because he didn’t think it would be safe in the bank! Bob Cratchit was his assistant and he worked in Scrooge’s office. Bob didn’t like his boss very much. Scrooge didn’t pay Bob very high wages, even though he was actually a very rich man. Bob couldn’t quit his job because he needed the money. Nowadays, we still use the name ‘Scrooge’ for a mean person!

Điền vào chỗ trống bằng từ chính xác trong ô sau đây:

wages         office        boss       job       assistant

1. Ebenezer Scrooge was Bob' s_________________.

2. Bob was Ebenezer Scrooge's________________.

3. Bob worked hard for low________________.

4. Scrooge and Bob worked in a(n)__________________.

5. Bob was poor so he needed the__________________.


Nối những đồ vật với người sử dụng chúng:


Hoàn thành định nghĩa công việc bằng cách sử dụng những từ trong bảng:

e.g. Someone who writes novels and stories is a ______writer______.

Baker        cleaner          footballer           gardener

Painter      photographer        singer        teacher

1. He bakes wonderful bread. He’s a________________.

2. Unfortunately the ___________used the wrong colour and painted my bedroom orange.

3. She became a successful opera_____________.

4. Our maths___________ gave us a lot of homework.

5. Every___________ wants to score goals.

6. A________________ comes to wash my floors every week.

7. My uncle's a___________; he knows a lot about flowers and plants.

8. You should become a______________; you take great pictures.


Sử dụng những từ bạn đã học trong bài, hoàn thành những câu sau bằng cách điền vào chỗ trống:

1. My car's broken down. I need a_____________ to fix it.

2. The cat's been sick for days now, I'm going to take it to the______________.

3. I turned on the washing machine and water went all over the floor. I've asked the            _________________to come and repair it.

4. I' m going to work as a______________ at MacDougall's restaurant.

5. The________________ put up our garden wall in just two hours.

6. Andrew decided to become a________________ because he likes flying.

7. You have a lovely voice; you could get a job as a___________.

8. The________________ is selling fresh bread and cakes today.

9. Oscar Wilde was a famous Irish_______________.

10. She was the best ballet____________ in the company.