Unit 8: Causative | Grammar | B1
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Unit 8: Causative | Grammar | B1

We use the causative form to stress the fact that we are causing something to happen, usually by arranging for someone to do a job for us.
E.G.    I made a dress. (= I made the dress myself.)
Causative form: I had a dress made. (= Someone else made the dress for me.)

EXERCISE 1  |  If you can’t do it yourself, get it done for you!

Express the following sentences in causative form:

e.g. The hairdresser cut Sally's hair.
Sally had her hair cut.

1. The mechanic repaired Tom's car.

2. Someone fixed the taps in my bathroom.

3. My aunt pays someone to clean her house once a week.

4. The doctor removed my tonsils when I was six years old.

5. After the burglary, we called a locksmith and he changed all the locks.

6. We paid extra to insure our luggage against theft.


‘Dreams come true’ is a famous television programme. People write letters to the programme’s presenter, Jerry Saddle, and ask him to help them make their dreams come true. Below is the story of Cindy Tate whose dream was to become a princess for a day.

Before the Big Day arrived, Cindy went to the television studios where Jerry explained how he was going to make her dream come true.

Fill the gaps using the following participles:

painted     cut     driven     made     cooked     varnished

J.S.: Well, hello Cindy, and welcome to Dreams Come True! Now, I’m going to show you the programme of events we have in store for you to help you become a princess for a day. This is how you are going to become Princess Cindy:

10:00 Have your hair 1._________ at Vital Sappoon’s Salon.

11:30 Have a dress 2._________ for you by Zara Robes, the famous dress designer.

12:30 Have your lunch 3._________ by world-famous chef, Monsieur Croque.

2:00 Have your portrait 4._________ by Pica Soe, the famous artist.

Later you will be taken to the Palace to meet the Queen, but before this, you will have

your nails 5._________ in a beauty salon. Then you will have your car 6._________ by a

chauffer to a Royal banquet.

Have fun!


If you go to have a medical check-up, you will probably have the following done. Match the two parts of the jumbled phrases:

1. have your eyes A. taken
2. have your temperature B. tested
3. have a blood test C. recorded
4. have your heart rate D. done