Unit 8: Adjectives comparatives / superlatives | Grammar | A2
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Unit 8: Adjectives comparatives / superlatives | Grammar | A2

Chúng ta sử dụng ‘as…as’ để so sánh con người hoặc sự vật/ sự việc có nét tương đồng ở một số điểm nào đó.

VD: Jennifer is as clever as her brother 

EXERCISE 1  |  comparisons of equality

Match the phrases with similar meanings below:

w as old as  -  the same age as

1. as long as A. the same width as
2. as heavy as B. the same size as
3. as big as C. the same weight as
4. as tall as D. the same length as
5. as wide as E. the same height as


Look at the pictures and write sentences as in the example:

e.g. I’m as old as you.

I’m the same age as you.

1.   This sack is as heavy as that sack.

This sack is ______________ that sack

2.    Harry is as tall as Henry.

Harry is ______________ Henry.

3.    This car is not as long as that car.

This car ______________ that car.


Rewrite the sentences below to make a negative comparison of equality, as in the example:

e.g. My marks in the test were very bad, but yours were quite good. (NOT/GOOD)

           My marks in the test were not as good as yours.                          

1. Mick can't lift that table, but Andrew can. (NOT/STRONG)


2. Joan is older than she seems. (NOT/YOUNG)


3. Rebecca is not very beautiful but Patricia is. (NOT/BEAUTIFUL)


4. His sister is more intelligent than he is. (NOT/INTELLIGENT)


5. I liked the film but the book was more interesting. (NOT/INTERESTING)


6. All the children in Class 2 are five years old, except Jenny, who is four. (NOT/OLD)


EXERCISE 4  |  Comparatives and superlatives - irregular forms

good better best
bad worse worst

Fill the gaps to complete the sentences below with the correct form:

1. Alex is a fantastic basketball player. In fact, he's the _________ in the school.
2. Mr Marks wrote “_________ work - keep it up” on my homework.
3. I'm sorry to hear you've been ill. Are you feeling _________ now?
4. I went to the doctor because my cough was getting _________.
5. That's the _________ film I've ever seen! It was awful!
6. She's got a very _________ headache.