Unit 7: Family | Vocabulary | A2
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Unit 7: Family | Vocabulary | A2

If you get married, your husband’s or wife’s family become your in-laws. For example, your husband’s mother becomes your mother-in-law and you become her daughter-in-law.


Look at the table below and complete the right-hand column with the appropriate title:

My mother-in-law My husband's mother
My father-in-law My husband's  
My mother My husband's  
My father My husband's  
My in-laws My husband's  
My family My husband's  
My brother-in-law My husband's  
My sister My husband's  


Your grandparents’ parents are your great-grandparents.
e.g. Your grandmother’s mother is your great-grandmother.

Match these:

1. My father’s father A. My great-aunt
2. My mother’ s mother B. My grandfather
3. My father's aunt C. My great-grandfather
4. My mother’s grandfather D. My grandmother


We usually use the words ‘big’ and ‘little’ for size only, but there are certain situations where we can use these words to mean ‘older/elder’ or ‘younger’, with the words ‘sister’ and ‘brother’.
e.g. my big sister = my elder sister

Decide whether old/young or big/little are correct in the following sentences:

1. My younger sister's 165 cm tall and I'm 155 cm; she's bigger/older than I am.

2. My big/old brother' II be here in a minute, so watch out!

3. His twin brother is slightly older/bigger than he is; he was born 15 minutes earlier.

4. She's got two brothers, one older/bigger and one younger/litte than her,

5. I have an elder/a bigger sister but I haven't seen her for years.


We know the words mother, father and brother as nouns.mother is also often used as a verb:
e.g. Stop mothering me! (= take care of; overprotect)
They form –ly adjectives,
e.g. fatherly (= like a father).

Fill the gaps in the sentences below with the correct form of the word mother.

1. It's true; she's the best ____________ in the world.

2. She always ____________ him so much; he'll never learn to stand on his own two feet.

3. I’ll give you some ____________ advice: always get to bed before midnight and don't get married before you' re twenty-five.


Phrasal verbs

Here are six phrasal verbs and expressions connected with relationships:

Phrasal verbs and expressions
take after look up to be in love with
get on with put up with have a lot in common with

If necessary, look them up in a dictionary to find out what they mean. Then use them to fill the gaps in the following sentences.

1.  I _______________________ my sister: we never have any serious disagreements.

2.  I _______________________ my brother-in-law. We share the same sign of the zodiac; maybe that's why.

3.  I _______________________ my best friend's husband - what should I do?

4.  I _______________________ my in-laws, but that doesn’t mean I like them!

5.  I _______________________ my  father; he was a keen sportsman, too.

6.  I _______________________ my parents because they have qualities I admire.


Age groups

Put these words in order of age:

teenager     adult     baby     child     toddler

1. ______

2. ______

3. ______

4. ______

5. ______


Word formation

Complete the following table with the correct form of the word:

youth young

Now fill the gaps in the sentences below, using the correct word:

1. A sixteen-year-old ______________ was charged with underage drinking.

2. My wife is expecting a ______________.

3. They have three children; the oldest ______________ is twelve.

4. He doesn’t show any ______________ concern for his son.

5. You' re too ______________ to smoke cigarettes.


Choose the correct word from the box to complete these sentences:

child     childhood     childlike     childish     childless

1. I had a very happy ___________ even though my parents divorced when I was six years old.

2. A ___________ couple want to adopt the children.

3. Her ___________ innocence was her most attractive quality.

4. Don't be so ___________ and give me back my keys.

5. A ___________ of six could do this exercise!