Unit 5: Present continuous | Grammar | A2
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Unit 5: Present continuous | Grammar | A2

Qui tắc viết từ để hình thành hiện tại phân từ

Động từ thường                                 động từ + ing

VD:   open                                                 open + ing = opening

Động từ kết thúc bằng chữ “e”                    động từ - ‘e’ + ing

VD:   make                                                 mak + ing = making

Chú ý với một số động từ thì ta nhân đôi phụ âm cuối

VD:   sit                                                     sit + t + ing = sitting

          Begin                                                begin + n + ing = beginning


Complete the table below using the present continuous:

she does she is doing
I bring  
it puts  
we take  
they run  
he writes  
you enjoy  


Trace and Shade, who are private detectives, have followed a robbery suspect, Hefty Harry, to his hideout. They are watching him carefully and searching for clues that will help to put him in jail.

Trace is standing on Shade’s shoulders. He is looking over the wall around Hefty’s home. Shade can’t see, so he is asking Trace what Hefty Harry is doing.

Fill the gaps to complete Trace's answers:

standing      going      looking      opening      taking      putting      turning on      walking      pointing

Shade: What is he doing?

Trace: He is (1)____________ the key in the lock.

Shade: What’s he doing now?

Trace: He’s (2)____________ into the building.

Shade: Now what’s he doing?

Trace: He’s (3)____________ the light.

Now he’s  (4)____________ in the kitchen.

He’s  (5)____________ the fridge and he’s  (6)____________ out some salami.

He’s (7)____________ towards the window.

Now he’s (8)____________ straight at me.


He shot me!


Answer the questions below using the present continuous, as in the example:

e.g. What are you doing? I/listen to/my teacher, I'm listening to my teacher.
1. Where are you going? We/go to/Los Angeles. __________________________
2. How is he feeling? He/not/feel/well. __________________________
3. What are they studying? They/study/physics. __________________________
4. Why are they stopping? They/stop/to get petrol. __________________________
5. Where is he sitting? He/sit/in the kitchen. __________________________
6. Where are you taking that dog? l/take/him/home. __________________________