Unit 5: Driving| Vocabulary | B2
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Unit 5: Driving| Vocabulary | B2


Sort the following vocabulary items into two groups; in the first group, place items which you find inside a car and into the second group place items which you find on the outer part of a car:

Headlights      seat      belt      accelerator      indicatorlights
bumper      clutch      windscreenwipers     gear      lever
fuel     gauge     choke     dashboard     indicatorswitch
windscreen      horn     number     plate     aerial


Match the numbers from the diagram on the opposite page with the words below:

a. steering wheel e. handbrake
b. mirror f. speedometer
c. brake pedal g. glove compartment
d. ignition switch h. gear level


Put these road vehicles in order of size from largest to smallest:

Coach    minibus    van    juggernaut    pick-up truck    car    bicycle    moped

While traffic signs remain mostly universal, there are some important differences between the rules of the road in Britain and those in other European countries. Most significantly, the British drive on the left side of the road and hence the steering wheel is located on the right-hand side in British-made cars.The driving test in Britain used to have no written element; it was carried out by practical assessment only. Of course, that has all changed now and there is an online theory test to be taken prior to the practical. The official document which sets out the rules of the road is called ‘The Highway Code’ and examinees are tested orally on their understanding of driving conventions during the practical, in addition to having to complete the online theory test.


Answer the questions below by putting if you agree or X if you disagree in the boxes below:

1 __. Traffic signs are different in Britain from those in other European countries.

2 __. In most European countries, vehicles travel on the left side of the road,

3 __. You have to complete an internet-based assessment before doing your driving test.

4 __. 'The Highway Code1 is the name of the registration document which is compulsory for all drivers.

5 __. The driving test in Britain was modified to introduce a new element to the exam.


Look at the diagrams of some common road traffic signs and match them with the following:

1. No parking 5. One way
2. No entry 6. Steep hill
3. Roundabout 7. End of special speed limit zone
4. No stopping (clearway) 8. No overtaking


Choose the correct verb from the following to complete the sentences below:

Drive    brake      crash           overtake         park

1. It's forbidden to           a car which has stopped at traffic lights.

2. Never            where there are yellow lines on the side of the road.

3. I wasn't looking where I was going and before I knew it, the               had already occurred and there was broken glass everywhere.

4. People put red 1' plates on the front and back of the car when they arelearning to             .

5. "This idiot came from behind and drove straight in front of me; I had to             suddenly to avoid a collision."


Match the following nouns to the definitions given below:

Bonnet      licence      insurance      policy
boot      vehicles      service

1. Collective name for all cars, lorries, motorbikes, etc.                          

2. Official document which confirms legal right to drive.                           

3. This ensures cover in case of accident or theft.                              

4. Regular engine checks, oil change, general maintenance.                         

5. You have to lift this to look at the engine.                           

6. You can place your suitcase or shopping bags here.