Unit 4: Can – cannot – can’t II | Grammar | A1
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Unit 4: Can – cannot – can’t II | Grammar | A1

Can/can’t - PERMISSION
+ You can play in the garden.
- No, you can’t go to the cinema tonight.
? Can I sit here?


Nối những câu sau để tạo thành đoạn hội thoại ngắn:

1. Can I borrow your pencil, please?

2. Can I see your tickets, please?

3. Can I have another piece of cake?

4. You can take my bicycle if yours

5. Can we stay out late tonight?

A. No, you’ll get fat.

B. Can I? Thanks.

C. No, but you can on Saturday night.

D. Yes. Of course you can.

E. I’m afraid I’ve lost them.


“Can” được dùng để đưa ra yêu cầu cũng như xin phép, cho phép và không cho phép.  Khi đưa ra yêu cầu, “could” thường được dùng thay “can” để nghe có vẻ trang trọng và lịch sự hơn.

VD: Can I sit here? – Could I sit here?

Trong bài tập sau, sử dụng 'could' để đưa ra lời yêu cầu lịch sự, như trong ví dụ:

e.g. You want a sandwich. What do you say?
Could I have a sandwich, please?

1. You are in a restaurant and you want the waiter to bring you some salt.

   What do you say? _____________________________________

2. You are at the airport and you want someone to help you with your suitcases.

   What do you say? _____________________________________

3. You want your friend to get you some coffee from the supermarket.

   What do you say? _____________________________________

+ Learning English can be fun.
- You can’t buy meat at the baker’s.
? Can you catch fish in this lake?


Hoàn thành những câu sau đây bằng cách lựa chọn cụm từ thích hợp nhất:

at the optician’s        at the post office        in the park     on a tennis court
from her balcony      to the Maldives          at the greengrocer’s  from the library

1. You can play tennis____________________.

2. You can buy stamps___________________.

3. You can take the dog for a walk_____________.

4. You can see the Acropolis________________.

5. You can get a suntan if you go on holiday________________.

6. You can get your eyes tested________________.

7. You can buy vegetables_________________.

8. You can borrow books___________________.

EXERCISE 4  |  Consolidation

Tạo câu phát biểu và câu hỏi với 'can/can't, sử dụng những từ sau đây:

e.g. I/speak French but l/not speak Chinese.
I can speak French but I can't speak Chinese.

1. Penguins/not fly.                                          _________________

2. "you/ride a bicycle?" "No, l/not."                 __________________

3. I/not come to the party tonight.                   __________________

4. I/have some more wine, please?                   _________________