Unit 30: Indefinite pronouns | Grammar | A1
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Unit 30: Indefinite pronouns | Grammar | A1

Đại từ không xác định, như someoneanything, đề cập tới người và vật mà không nói chính xác họ là ai hoặc đó là cái gì. Khi một đại từ không xác định làm chủ ngữ trong câu, động từ sẽ ở số ít.

+ The postman’s got something for you.
- The postman hasn’t got anything for you. The postman’s got nothing for you.
? Has the postman got anything for you?
+ There’s someone in the kitchen.
- There isn’t anybody in the kitchen. There’s no one in the kitchen.
? Is (there) anyone in the kitchen?


Hoàn thành điền vào chỗ trống trong những câu sau, sử dụng những từ trong ô: 

Something      anything         nothing           somebody       anybody         nobody

1. He's a very unpopular president.______________  likes him.

2. I don't trust him. I think he's hiding_____________ from me.

3. If you're not doing___________ tonight, how about coming with me to the cinema?

4. I heard a noise coming from the wardrobe. I think _______'s___ hiding inside.

5. Sandra doesn't know_________________ at the party.

6. I'm bored. I've got______________ to do.

7. Has___________ seen my car keys?

8. ___________________ left this note under my door.

9. I don't believe_________________            I read in the newspapers.

10. Bill Stickers did___________________. He is innocent.


Chuyển những câu sau sang câu phủ định: 

1. Somebody is waiting for you outside. ______________________________

2. I saw someone in the street. ______________________________

3. He thinks somebody knew about the treasure. ______________________________


Chuyển những câu sau sang câu hỏi: 

1. There's nothing we can do to help. ______________________________

2. I haven't got anything in my pockets. ______________________________

3. Somebody is in the car with her. ______________________________


Điền vào chỗ trống bằng những từ trong ô: 

everybody      nobody           everything      nothing

1. ________________ I know supports Chelsea except you!

2. You think you're so clever but you don't know______________.

3. She put the money in the coffee machine but______________ came out.

4. The party will be a failure if___________ comes!