Unit 3: Questions and answers | Grammar | A2
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Unit 3: Questions and answers | Grammar | A2

‘WH-’ words

“Who”     dùng để hỏi về người
“Whose” dùng để hỏi về việc sở hữu
“Which”  dùng để hỏi về người hoặc vật khi đưa ra sự lựa chọn trong một nhóm người hoặc vật.
“What”    dùng để hỏi về vật, hoặc quốc tịch / nghề nghiệp của người nào đó.
“When”   dùng để hỏi về thời gian, “why” để hỏi về lý do và “where” để hỏi về nơi chốn.
“How”     dùng để hỏi về cách thức xảy ra của sự vật/ hiện tượng.


Read the following interview between the detectives, Trace and Shade, and their robbery suspect, Hefty Harry, and then fill the gaps with the correct question word from the box:

what        where        who        why         which        whose        how        when

Trace: Listen, Harry, it’s like this ...we want some answers and we want them now.

Hefty Harry: But I have already told you guys, I know nothing.

Shade:  (1)__________________ were you at 9:00 p.m. last night?

Hefty Harry: I was at Bugsy’s Bar, down town.

Trace: (2)__________________was with you?

Hefty Harry: Nobody. I was alone.

Shade: (3)__________________ did you leave the bar?

Hefty Harry: As soon as I’d had enough to drink.

Trace: (4)__________________ time was that?

Hefty Harry: Some time after midnight.

Shade: Did you go straight home?

Hefty Harry: No, I stopped at a petrol station.

Trace: (5)__________________ ?

Hefty Harry: To fill the car up with petrol. (6)__________________ do you think I stopped there?

Shade: Maybe you stopped to change cars. We know you have a gold Mercedes and a Rolls Royce. (7)__________________ car were you driving last night, Harry?

Hefty Harry: The Mercedes. Why?

Trace: Because a Rolls Royce was seen outside the bank just before the robbery last night.

Hefty Harry: Oh, really? (8)__________________ was it?

Shade: It was yours, Harry.

Hefty Harry: (9)__________________ do you know it was mine?

Trace: Because you’re the only guy I know who has a ‘My other car’s a Mercedes’ sticker on the window of his Rolls Royce.

“How” cũng được sử dụng với tính từ như “old” để hỏi về tuổi tác, với trạng từ như “often” để hỏi về thời gian/ mức độ thường xuyên và “many”,“much” để hỏi về số lượng/ tổng giá trị.


Make questions to go with the following responses, using 'How' and the word in parentheses:

e.g.QHow high is the building ? (high) A: The building is 32m high.
1.   Q: ______________________? (old) A: This man's 98 years old.
2.   Q: ______________________? (many) A: I've got ten pet mice.
3.   Q: ______________________? (much) A: That painting costs £18,000.
4.   Q: ______________________? (far) A: Manchester's about five kilometres from here.
5.   Q: ______________________? (tall) A: He's about 1.75m, I think.
6.   Q: ______________________? (often) A: We go to the cinema about once a month.
7.   Q: ______________________? (fast) A: She can run 100m In fifteen seconds.
8   Q: ______________________? (cold)

A: It gets really cold In a Russian winter.

It's sometimes -20°C or less.