Unit 3: The media | Vocabulary | B1
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Unit 3: The media | Vocabulary | B1

The media are the means of mass communication, e.g. television, radio, newspapers. Their purpose is to entertain or spread news and information to a large number of people.


Sort the following vocabulary items into two groups:

words associated with newspapers and words associated with television.

article     programme     presenter     reader     viewer

print     channel     press     show    headline



Look at the diagram of the front page of a daily newspaper and label the following parts:

  • front page
  • picture
  • paragraph
  • column
  • headline

unit-3-the-mediaEXERCISE 3

Now complete the following sentences with the words in the previous exercise in their correct forms:

1. The lead(ing) story appears on the _____________.

2. The _____________ captures the reader’s attention and introduces him or her to the topic of the main story.

3. Each article is printed down the page in _____________.

4. A _____________ provides vitality and can make the events in the news seem more immediate to the reader.

5. A news article is divided into _____________ so that it’s easier to read.


Match the following terms with the correct definition from the choices given below:

the editor     a journalist     an illustrator

a correspondent     the Press

1. Someone who collects information for and writes news articles

is __________________________________.

2. The person who provides the sketches and cartoons for the newspaper


3. A collective term for certain media personnel

is __________________________________.

4. The person who decides on the overall policy and content of the newspaper


5. A reporter working on a news story on the spot, e.g. in a foreign country,

is __________________________________.


The purpose of a headline is to sum up in a few words the main news event. Read the following imaginary newspaper headlines and write them out in full sentences:



Newspapers and television have a strong influence on the ideas and opinions of the general public. However, we rely on the media as a whole to provide us with entertainment as well as information.

Can you match the definitions with the following types of TV show?

quiz show     game show     talk show

series/serial     soap opera

1. An interviewer (the host) talks to different celebrities each week, often with a studio audience present._____________

2. Ongoing television drama whose storyline claims to reflect issues and happenings of everyday life.______________

3. Individuals or teams answer general knowledge questions to win cash or other prizes. ______________

4. Television drama divided into a number of episodes and broadcast at regular weekly times. ______________

5. Individuals or teams take part in activities to win cash or other prizes. ______________

Into which category of television show do you think the following fall?

Coronation Street  
Wheel of Fortune  
Who wants to be a millionaire?  
The Larry King Show  

EXERCISE 7  |  Research

Go to a newsagent's or kiosk which sells foreign magazines and newspapers and find British examples of the following:

1. a women's magazine _______________________

2. a sports magazine _______________________

3. a daily newspaper _______________________

4. a music magazine/newspaper _______________________

5. a computer magazine _______________________