Unit 29: Prepositions | Grammar | B1
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Unit 29: Prepositions | Grammar | B1

Prepositions are always followed by nouns, pronouns or gerunds.


Match the following to make complete sentences:

1. I couldn't see Simon A. beside my bed.
2. Paddington Bear keeps his sandwiches B. inside the house.
3. The pickpocket ran off and was lost C. between the cushions.
4. When I was sitting on the sofa, some coins fell out of my pocket and got stuck D. among the crowd.
5. I keep my alarm clock E. behind a tree.
6. The antenatal clinic is F. near the sea.
7. I moved to Brighton because I wanted to live G. under his hat.
8. If you are having a fireworks party, you are advised to make sure all pets stay H. through the green doors on your left.


Use the preposition in, at, or on to complete the sentences below.

1. I have to be _______ the airport by ten o'clock.

2. We stayed In a fishing village _______ the north-west coast.

3. There's a party _______ Trevor's house tonight.

4. She keeps all his letters _______ a velvet-covered box.

5. Someone was standing _______ the top of the stairs, listening to everything that they said.

6. You shouldn't leave that cup _______ top of the television set.

7. We've been living _______ Spain for three years.

8. Their house is the one _______ the corner.

9. I suggest you avoid shopping _______ Oxford Street.

10. Shall we meet _______ the theatre or shall I wait for you _______ the square?

Many prepositions can be used for both place and direction, as can certain adverbs and adverb phrases.


Select the phrase from the box which best completes each of the sentences below:

down the stairs      across the street      into the water

over the wall      towards the exit      out of the room

1. What is the matter with Jane? She just ran ________________ in tears.

2. She missed her footing and fell _______________. Luckily, she only bruised herself slightly.

3. The prisoners jumped ________________ and escaped.

4. Someone shouted "Fire!" and everyone started running ________________.

5. He was just about to dive ________________ when he noticed the sign, It said: 'Danger - Sharks!'

6. You must look both ways before you walk


Complete the following dialogue by filling the gaps with the preposition: on, at, in, or to.

A: Are you going ______ the Elton John concert?

B: When is it?

A: ______ the twenty-fifth of June.

B: And where’s he playing?

A: ______ the Hippodrome, ______ Birmingham.

B: That sounds good. Where can we get the tickets?

A: We can phone up and pay by credit card. Then we can pick up the tickets ______ the box office.

B: Great! We can drive ______ Birmingham ______ Friday evening and stay for the weekend.