Unit 28 Prepositions | Grammar | A2
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Unit 28 Prepositions | Grammar | A2

Chúng ta có thể sử dụng giới từ để nói về sự chỉ dẫn hoặc sự di chuyển của sự vật. 

VD: We ran towards the exit. 


Using the prepositions in the box, complete the following sentences:

towards     round     out of     across     along     into     up     through

1. The girl dived __________  the water.

2 .A woman was walking __________ the road to the opposite side.

3. The man disappeared __________  the corner of the street.

4. A car was coming __________ me, so I stopped and waited for it to pass.

5. I saw your friend pushing a pram __________ the pavement.

6. A man with dark glasses got __________ the car, climbed __________ the steps and pushed his way __________ the crowd and into the theatre.

‘At’, ‘in’ and ‘on’ là những giới từ chỉ nơi chốn. Chúng ta sử dụng ‘at’ để nói về nơi chốn tại một điểm. 

VD: At school, at the theatre

Chúng ta sử dụng ‘in’ để nói về nơi chốn trong một khu vực.
VD: In London, in Europe

Chúng ta sử dụng ‘on’ để nói về vị trí trên một bề mặt.
VD: On the chair


Complete the following sentences with the correct preposition:

1. The cat is sitting __________ the sofa.

2. I was __________ Africa when I heard the news.

3. She's staying __________ home today.

4. I'll meet you __________ the corner of Hart Street.

5. She waited __________ the bus stop for two hours.

6. Your glasses are__________ the shelf.

7. The travellers are thought to be lost __________ the desert.

8. What's the name of the longest river __________ the world?


Prepositions of time

Time expressions take the prepositionat’, ‘on orin’.

Put the words from the box below in the correct column to match them with the prepositions.

Monday     night     summer     the age of twelve     the 1990s     Christmas     my birthday
January     1896     New Year’s Day     the moment     the following day
the morning     12th July     the weekend


Match the following to make eight sentences about time:

1. We're having the meeting A. in the 1970s
2. Nocturnal animals come out B. in the morning.
3. If your birthday is on the sixth of February C. at night
4. Platform shoes first became popular D. at the weekend.
5. I like to spend my time relaxing E. on New Year's Eve.
6. The weather is at its worst F. in winter.
7. I must leave early G. you must be Aquarius.
8. We're having a big party H. at 11 ;00 a.m. on Monday.