Unit 28: Nouns | Grammar | B1
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Unit 28: Nouns | Grammar | B1

Some nouns are nearly always followed by a particular preposition. 
Nouns which are followed by to include: attitude  invitation  reaction  answer  approach
Nouns which are followed by for include: admiration  need  reason  responsibility  thirst
Nouns which are followed by on include: agreement  attack  effect


Select from the nouns above to complete the following sentences:

1. What was her __________ to the news of David's sudden death?

2. The two sides have reached an __________ on who is to take ___________ for funding the project.

3. The __________ to Tom and Sarah's wedding had a devastating __________ on Tom's ex-wife.

4. Your son's__________ to his schoolwork is undisciplined; what could be the __________ for this?

5. The __________ to your question can be found in Chapter 3.

6. We need a new __________ to our marketing policy.

7. I have great ___________ for my grandfather; even at eighty-three years of age he has an enormous ___________ for knowledge.

8. The government has launched an ____________ on the trade union leaders.


Complete these sentences with the correct preposition:

1. He refused to accept responsibility ________ the mistake.

2. Police have issued warnings after several attacks ________ old people in the area.

3. Why don't you try a new approach ________ the advertising campaign?

4. The murder had a disturbing effect ________ the inhabitants of the village.

5. Her reaction ________ the offer surprised everyone.

6. There's no need ________ all this shouting; we can settle this calmly and sensibly.

7. I received an invitation ________ a party at the Mayor's house.

8. Can you give me a good reason ________ this sudden decision?

We use a to-infinitive after abstract nouns to give more information about them.
E.G. In this job, you must show a willingness to cooperate.
He’s gradually losing the desire to succeed.


Complete the sentences below with one of the nouns from the box:

ability     attempt     failure     chance     desire     willingness

1. This is the first time you've expressed a(n) ___________ to travel abroad.

2. From what I've seen of her work so far, I believe she has the ___________ to complete the course successfully.

3. The accident occurred during a(n) ___________ to break the world record.

4. ___________ to attend lectures will be penalised.

5. We are pleased that your son shows a(n) ___________ to get involved in extra-curricular activities.

6. If I were given the ___________ to act on the stage, I would choose the role of Cordelia in 'King Lear'.