Unit 26: The Infinitive II | Grammar | A2
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Unit 26: The Infinitive II | Grammar | A2

Động từ nguyên mẫu không to’ được sử dụng trong một số cấu trúc nhất định, bao gồm:

Sau động từ khiếm khuyết như will, would, must
VD: It’s late. I must go.
       They will meet you outside the cinema.

Sau những động từ see, hear, let, make, feel, watch, khi chúng xuất hiện trong câu chủ động.
VD: I saw him get on the train. 
      She didn’t hear the alarm go off.

 ‘let’ trong câu bị động thường thay đổi thành ‘be allowed to’

VD. His parents didn’t let him go.
       He wasn’t allowed to go. 

Sau but, and, except ( khi câu cùng chung một chủ ngữ)
VD. He arranged to come over at 7:00 p.m and fix my tap.
        I said I’d like to take her to the cinema but leave her mother at home.      
       The children wanted to do everything at the funfair except ride on the Big Wheel. 


Fill the gaps with the correct modal and main verb combination from the choices given in the box below:

may rain     must take     would go     can eat     can’t swim     must keep off     won’t leave     could go

1. This sign says you _______________ the grass.

2. "If I had a dress," said Cinderella, "I _______________ to the ball."

3. This man holds a world record. He _______________ fifty doughnuts in less than two minutes.

4. The doctor says you _______________ these tablets three times a day.

5. The plane ______________ on time. There's been a delay.

6. We _______________ to the theatre on Saturday, if you're not busy.

7. It _______________, so take an umbrella.

8. Don't go in the pool; you _______________!


Match the two halves of the sentences below:

1. Dad didn't let me A. fall off the shelf.
2. They say they saw him B. the ground shake.
3. I heard the door C. get on a train.
4. It was an earthquake. They felt D. build her a snowman.
5. The cat made the vase E. go to the match with him.
6. She stood in the garden and watched the children F. close.


but / and / except

Choose the bare or full infinitive of the verbs in brackets to complete the sentences below:

1. The headmaster told the boy ________ talking and ________. (stop, listen)

2. It's difficult ________ and________ at the same time. (talk, write)

3. They want ________ the children at home but ________ the dog on holiday. (leave, take)

4. We managed            ________ everything except ________ the windows. (do, clean)

5. This machine can ________ all the office work but can't ________ coffee. (do, make)

6. She agreed  ________ everything except ________ the dishes. (do, wash)