Unit 25: Contracted forms | Grammar | B1
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Unit 25: Contracted forms | Grammar | B1


These words are often used in the contracted (short) form:
am     is     have     has     will     would     had     are     not

Decide which of the above words is used in the contracted form in the sentences below:

1. He's a farmer. _____is       

2. Mike's got a new television. ____________

3. We'll go and get some food. ____________

4. I'd like some fruit cake, please. ____________

5. Larry'd visited Rome before. ____________

6. They've got a problem with their car. ____________

7. I'm not sure about your idea. ____________

8. You're always the last to arrive. ________

9. She didn't borrow your jacket. ____________


Write the following sentences out in full. Choose from these verbs:

would      had      is      have      has      will

E.G. I'd rather have coffee. I would rather have coffee.

1. I'd been to Poland. __________________

2. She's a nurse. _____________________

3. We've got a dog. ___________________

4. He's had enough. ___________________

5. I'll get you a pen. ____________________

6. They'd left earlier. ____________________

7. We'd prefer to see the film. _____________

8. You've got a new car.__________________

We cannot use short forms (‘m/’s/’ve, etc.) at the end of a sentence because in this position the verb is stressed.
E.G. “Are you ready?” “Yes, I am.”(NOT “Yes, I’m.)

However, negative short forms are possible in this position:
E.G. “Has the dog been fed yet?” “No, it hasn’t.”


Complete the responses to the questions below, using contracted forms where appropriate:

1. "You won't be late, will you?" "No, I won't."

2. "Have the chairs been delivered yet?" "Yes,"

3. “Is your name Dudley?" "No,"

4. "Are your children on holiday this week?" "Yes,"

5. "Would you like to go sailing some time?" "Yes,"

6. "Has the undertaker arrived yet?" "No,"

7. "He'd already left by the time you got to the hotel, hadn't he?" "Yes,

8. "Mrs Gray'll take you to your room, won't you, Mrs Gray?" "Yes,"

9. "I've never seen that man before. Have you?" "No,"

10. “Paul's taking his exams today, isn't he?" "Yes,"


Write appropriate questions for these answers:

1. Q: _______________________________? A: No, I haven't.

2. Q: _______________________________? A: Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.

3. Q: _______________________________? A: He's at the post office.

4. Q: _______________________________? A: I don't know. It's not mine.

5. Q: _______________________________? A: Because they've got the flu.