Unit 24: Gerund / Infinitive | Grammar | A2
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Unit 24: Gerund / Infinitive | Grammar | A2

Sau những động từ như love, hate, enjoy, những động từ cho biết cảm xúc của chúng ta đối với sự vật/sự việc, chúng ta sử dụng động từ + ing. 

VD. I hate swimming but I love dancing
        I prefer cooking to washing up. 


Một vài người ghét làm công việc nhà. Martina là một bà nội trợ và đây là những cảm xúc của cô ấy về những công việc phổ biến trong nhà:

- She hates washing up
- She doesn't like making the beds
- She dislikes cleaning the floor
- She can't stand dusting
- Martina likes doing more interesting things
- She likes shopping for new clothes
- She enjoys cooking Italian food
- She quite likes looking after her plants
- She loves learning Latin American dances.

Complete the grid below to show Martina’s likes and dislikes:

loves enjoys likes quite likes doesn't like dislikes hates can't stand
learning Latin American dances              


Now make sentences using the words from Exercise 1 to show how you feel about the following:

e.g. I enjoy doing my homework.

doing my homework I enjoy doing my homework.
tidying my room  
getting up early in the morning  
making my bed  
putting out the rubbish  


Sau một sô động từ, bao gồm những từ được đề cập ở dưới, cấu trúc sau có thể:
who/what/how, etc. + to + động từ nguyên mẫu
ask    decide         know          remember    forget          explain        understand

Use the structures given below to complete the following sentences:

which to take     what to learn     how to make     how to get     who to contact
what to do     where to put     where to sit     when to speak     how to use

1. I've forgotten ___________________ jam. Can you help me?

2. Read the instructions. They tell you ___________________.

3. The sign showed guests ___________________ if the manager wasn't there.

4. Our maths teacher explained ___________________ in preparation for the test.

5. The visitor asked ___________________to the restaurant.

6. There were two roads and I couldn't remember ___________________.

7. Have you decided ___________________ the furniture yet, madam?

8. Acting on stage is difficult if you don't know ___________________.

9. The restaurant was so big we couldn't decide ___________________.

10. I don't understand ___________________ this video recorder.