Unit 23: The gerund | Grammar | A2
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Unit 23: The gerund | Grammar | A2

Động danh từ (động từ + ing) có thể xuất hiện trong một câu như:

- chủ từ / tân ngữ
VD. Reading is fun. I like reading 
- sau giới từ
VD. He’s afraid of flying/getting lost.


Complete the sentences below with the most suitable word from the box:

sunbathing     swimming     skating     cycling     dancing     skiing

1. _____________ is a winter sport.

2. _____________ is his favourite pastime. He hopes to enter the Tour de France some day.

3. I once tried _____________ on a frozen lake.

4. Ballet _____________ develops your muscles.

5. I was advised to have _____________ lessons before applying to become a lifeguard.

6. _____________ is still popular, even though doctors warn about the dangers of skin cancer.


Match the two halves of the sentences separated below:

1. She's interested in

2. I'm fed up with

3. Are you excited about

4. I thought I told you to call an electrician instead of

5. The farmer told us there were certain disadvantages in

6. This tool is used for

A. going on holiday?

B. hearing about all your problems!

C. working for your company, but she doesn't have any experience

D. working outside, especially when the weather was bad.

E. cutting metal.

F. trying to fix the cooker yourself!


Use the verbs provided in the box to complete the paragraph below:

tripping     robbing     selling     making     becomingHelping     crime-fighting     stealing     tying

Robert Hodd had always been interested in 1._____________ a policeman. It seemed he had all the right qualifications and a history of  2._____________ behind him. At the age of five, he had prevented a masked man from 3._____________ the local post office, by 4._____________ him over with a yo-yo string and 5._____________ his legs together with his shoelaces. He held him down on the ground until the police arrived. Two years later, he appeared on TV: He was given a medal by the Queen for  6._____________ the police to find the secret hideout of Terry and Jerry, the terrible twins. The twins were later found guilty of  7._____________ stolen TVs and video recorders and went to prison. Robert Hodd is now chief of police at Nottingham Yard and is responsible for 8._____________ the city a safer place. He says his one ambition before he retires is to help the poor, but he knows that 9._____________ from the rich is not the solution!