Unit 20: Time | Grammar | A1
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Unit 20: Time | Grammar | A1

EXERCISE 1  |  What time is it?

Sử dụng những bức ảnh sau để giúp bạn, điền vào chỗ trống để nói về thời gian:

What time is it?
It’s_____________ o’clock.

2. What time does the bus leave?
It leaves at half past____________

3. At what time do you eat dinner?
We eat dinner at_______________ o'clock.

4. At what time do you have breakfast?
I have breakfast at______________ seven.

5. At what time do you go to bed?
I go to bed at_________________.


Viết đúng thời gian.

1. It's nine o'clock.

2. It's half past six.

3. It's quarter to four.

4. It's five to seven.

5. It's twenty past eleven.

6. It's twenty-five to seven.


Viết đầy đủ những mốc thời gian sau, như ví dụ: 

e.g. 12/9/93 => the twelfth of September, nineteen ninety-three

1. I was born on 6/2/78,

2. Bell invented the telephone in 1876.

3. Howard Carter found the tomb of Tutankhamun on 6/11/1922.

4. Christopher Columbus sailed to America from Spain on Fri. 3/8/1492.


Hoàn thành những câu dưới đây, lựa chọn đúng từ trong ô: 

before           since           ago           for

1. I went on holiday to Spain three years______________.

2. She doesn't want to go to the museum because she has been

3. Where were you? I've been waiting for you____________ an hour!

4. Haven't we met__________            ?

5. I've lived in this house___________ October, 1990.

6. I ordered a chair two weeks            ____________ but it hasn't arrived yet.

7. The school will close___________  two weeks at Christmas.

8. My brother has lived in Canada_________ 1986.