Unit 20: Conditionals I | Grammar | A2
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Unit 20: Conditionals I | Grammar | A2

Nếu động từ trong mệnh đề if- ở thì quá khứ đơn, thì động từ chính nằm trong câu điều kiện: 

VD: If I wanted a washing machine, I would buy one. 

hoặc If I wanted a washing machine, I’d buy one.


Complete the sentences below, using the example sentence as a model:

1. If I saw a ghost, I ________ very frightened, (be)

2. If jobs were so easy to get, I ________ one. (get)

3. If I went to Paris, I ________ the Eiffel Tower, (see)

4. If Mum and Dad knew, they ________ you. (tell)

5. If you telephoned him, you ________ . (find out)


Now complete these:

1. If I ________ (find) a £10 note, I would keep it.

2. If you ________ (give) me more time, I'd be ready.

3. If we ________ (write) a letter, it would explain the facts.

4. If she ________ (eat) more fresh fruit, she would be healthier.

5. If they ________ (work) harder, they would pass their exams.

Cấu trúc của câu phủ định giống như ví dụ sau:
VD1. If you washed the dog more often, it wouldn’t smell. 


Complete these sentences:

1. If he visited his parents more often, they ________________ so much. (not/complain)

2. If she had a sister, she ________________ so lonely. (not/feel)

3. If I had a body like Jessica Alba's, I ________________ any problems. (not/have)

VD2. If I didn’t know the answer, I would ask somebody. 


1. If he ________________ (not/drink) so much, he would have fewer problems.

2. If I ________________ (not/smoke), I would save lots of money.

3. If we ________________ (not/like) him, we would say so.

VD3. If she didn’t like him, she wouldn’t talk to him. 


1. If ________________  (not/have) a radio, I ________________ (not/listen) to music.

2. If he ________________ (not/play) football, he ________________ (not/have) any hobbles.

3. If he ________________ (not/like) it here, he ________________ (not/stay).