Unit 2: Reflexive pronouns II | Grammar | A2
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Unit 2: Reflexive pronouns II | Grammar | A2


Match the following to form short exchanges:

1. That's a lovely pullover you're wearing.

A. She likes doing things by herself.

2. Did you and the other children have a good time?

B. Why don't you tell her yourselves?

3. Please tell our teacher we'll be late for school.

C. Don't worry. I'll do it myself.

4. Did you and your brother make all this mess?

D. It doesn't matter. These doors lock themselves automatically.

5. Why is the cat licking itself?

E. Thanks, I knitted it by myself.

6. Why don't you help her?

F. No! Do it yourself!

7. I'm sorry. I haven't got time to help you paint your house.

G. No, he made it by himself.

8. She says she forgot to lock the door,

H. Yes, my mum left me at home all by myself.

9. Could you help me with my maths homework?

I. Yes, we really enjoyed ourselves.

10. Are you all alone?

J. That's how it keeps itself clean.


Complete the sentences with the correct reflexive pronouns:

e.g. It wasn't your fault. Don't blame yourself.

1. They had a good time. They enjoyed ______________.

2. Be a good boy, Nigel. Behave ______________, Nigel.

3. Take as many cakes as you like, boys. Help ______________ to the cakes, boys.

4. She's learning French from a cassette.

She's teaching ______________ French.

5. He told me who he was and where he came from.

He talked about ______________.

6. It was my Idea. I thought of it______________.

7. Nobody is listening to me. I'm talking to ______________.

8. The animal had cut its leg on some wire.

     The animal had hurt ______________.


Choose the correct reflexive pronoun to fill the gaps in the following text:

Children love holidays because they have plenty of free time to enjoy 1.__________. My son, Chris, likes the winter holidays best. Last year he made 2.__________ a sledge and every day he played in the snow with his friends. They would run up to the top of Acorn Hill with their sledges and race down to the bottom, faces red with the heat of competition. Sometimes they hurt 3.__________ in the battle to the finishing line,when one sledge would crash into another and the unfortunate occupant would find 4.__________ spinning into the soft, powdery snow. But they always picked 5.__________ up and started preparations for the next race at once. My wife Laura and I 6.__________ kept at a distance. We wanted our son to enjoy 7.__________ with his friends but Laura always worried that Chris would have an accident. Sometimes she sat by 8.__________ for hours, watching him, just in case. As for me, I’d just make 9.__________ a hot drink, sit inside and enjoy the peace and quiet.