Unit 2: Describing things | Vocabulary | B1
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Unit 2: Describing things | Vocabulary | B1

big small
large little
huge tiny
enormous minute


Match the words with similar meaning in the list below:

1. big A. circular
2. small B. tiny
3. minute C. modern
4. new D. large
5. round E. little

Now match the words with opposite meanings below:

1. old A. light
2. heavy B. modern
3. tiny C. second-hand
4. brand new D. huge
5. antique E. new


Use the words from the previous exercises to complete the sentences below:

1. This isn't __________; it's second-hand.

2. They have a modern house but it’s full of _________ furniture.

3. This pile of books is too __________ to carry. Could you help me?

4. She used to live in a tiny flat in Battersea, but after the success of her book she moved to a __________ house with eleven rooms.

5. Do you prefer square or __________ clock faces?

6. This blouse comes in three sizes: small, medium and __________.


The following denote particles or small quantities of things. Match the words on the left with those on the right to form phrases:

1. a grain of A. sand
2. a crumb of B. light
3. a spoonful of C. paper
4. a bouquet of D. water
5. a drop of E. salt
6. a pinch of F. medicine
7. a ray of G. bread
8. a scrap of H. hair
9. a lock of I. flowers


Fill the gaps in the following sentences with words from the previous exercise in their correct forms:

1. I wrote my address down on a _________ of  _________.

2. The recipe says you should add a _________ of _________ to the sauce.

3.  I enjoyed the picnic on the beach but I kept getting _________ of _________ in my sandwiches.

4. I felt a ________ of _________ on my head; it must be starting to rain.

5. He's so romantic; he sent me a huge _________ of _________ on Valentine's Day.

EXERCISE 5 | Describing objects

We often derive the name of something from the purpose for which it is intended.

For example, a jam jar is a jar which is used or has been used as a container for jam. Match the following nouns in a similar way:

1. potato  unit-2-describing-things A. case
2. tea B. bowl
3. dish C. pot
4. cigarette D. bin
5. toothpaste E. dish
6. soap F. sack
7. biscuit G. tube
8. milk H. rack
9. soup I. box
10. glove J. tin
11. rubbish K. jug
12. money L. compartment


Choose from the words in the box to complete the sentences below:

synthetic      delicious      refreshing      stylish      skilful      dramatic

1. That was a really __________ meal!

2. I enjoyed the play; the murder scene was very __________.

3. My shirt is made of __________ material but I would prefer cotton.

4. Lemonade is a very__________ drink in the summertime,

5. You have to be a pretty _________ driver to cope with those sharp bends on the coastal road.

6. She wore a very __________ outfit to the wedding.


Find 18 adjectives from this unit in the wordsearch square below:

enormous     synthetic     delicious     stylist     large    minute    huge

round    antique      new    heavy    tiny    small

big    little    old    dark    modern