Unit 19: Articles | Grammar | A1
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Unit 19: Articles | Grammar | A1



no articles

I like bananas.

I love coffee.

David and Mrs Humphrey are here.

He plays tennis.

I stayed at home yesterday.



He bought a new computer.

He gave me an orange bicycle.



I read the books you gave me. Can you play the guitar?


Đặt [a]. [an], [the] hoặc để trống vào những khoảng trống đã cho: 

1. ___________ Mr Taylor wrote to ____________ Marjorie about ___________new books.

2. Do you prefer_______ holidays at_________ home or abroad?

3. Has________ Sophie seen_________ new kittens yet?

4. I don't play_________ football but I like______________ team sports.

5. I started learning to play___________ piano but now I play___________ drums.

6. Do you want___________ ice cream or__________ bar of chocolate?

EXERCISE 2  |  Single/ Plural

Thể số nhiều của a/an không dùng mạo từ khi chỉ một vật nói chung

Thể số nhiều của a/ansome hoặc any khi chỉ số lượng.

Ta dùng con số thay vì dùng a/an/some/any khi tính toán.

There is a mouse in my kitchen. There are mice in my kitchen.
She’s got a book. She’s got some books in her bag.
There’s a dog in the street. There was one dog in the street: now there are four.

Điền vào chỗ trống với 'a'/'an'/'some'/'any' hoặc để trống:

1. There are____________ apples on that tree.

2. Have you got____________ Walkman?

3. I borrowed____________ money from my brother.

4. Do you want            __________old leather bag ?

5. Why is___________ car so expensive?

6. Is it true__________ cheetah can run faster than________ leopard?

7. Have you got___________ pets?

8. We've got________ eggs,____________ butter and___________            flour.
We can make___________ pancakes.


Nối những câu dưới dây để tạo thành những câu hoàn chỉnh có nghĩa hoặc một đoạn hội thoại ngắn: 

1. I only ordered one ice cream A. It’s a clock.
2. Would you like some cake? B. not a teacher.
3. The giraffe has a very long neck C. but the waiter brought two.
4. I am a student, D. He’s the headmaster.
5. This is Mr Martins. E.  Yes, but just a small piece. I’m on a diet.
6. What's this in English? F.  but it can’t run as fast as the cheetah.