Unit 18: Nouns – count and mass | Grammar | A1
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Unit 18: Nouns – count and mass | Grammar | A1


How many


How much

How many books are there? How much milk is there?

There are two books.

There are lots of books. There are a few books.

There are some books.

There is a book.

There are no books.

There is a lot of milk.

There is lots of milk.

There is a little milk.

There is some milk.

There is no milk.

Yes/No questions

Are there any books? Is there any milk?


No, there aren’t any books.

No, there are no books.

There aren’t many books.

No, there isn’t any milk.

No, there is no milk.

There isn’t much milk.


Điền vào chỗ trống trong cuộc phỏng vấn độc quyền với người đàn ông keo kiệt nhất thế giới, Evermeaner Scrooge:

How much      how many      lots of              few

Int:      Tell me, Mr Scrooge, _____________ money have you got?

ES:      Oh, I’ve got__________ money. I keep it in those sacks over there.

Int:      ___________sacks have you got, Mr Scrooge?

ES:      As you can see, I’ve got quite_________ sacks — more than a hundred. Lucky me! All that lovely money!

Int:      But, Mr Scrooge, what about the poor? There are________  poor people, you know.

ES:      Poor people? Oh, I give them__________ pounds at Christmas.

What more do they want?

Int:      You’re a mean man, Mr Scrooge!

Any- Little- Lot- Lots- Few

We have a few apples.

Can I have a few of your biscuits?

There are lots of sandwiches.

There is a lot of butter.

What a lot of food!

There isn't any water

Is there any milk?.

EXERCISE 2  |  Are you ready for the picnic?

Sử dụng những từ in đậm ở trên để điền vào chỗ trống trong những câu sau: 

1. 'Have you got________cheese?' '
No, we haven't got___________.'

2. There's a_________milk, but not much.

3. They've got a_______of oranges.

4. We haven't got_________fruit. Can we have a of your bananas?

5. I made_________of sandwiches.
These ones have got a___________of peanut butter.

6. She didn't bring________cakes. Give her a__________of yours.


Làm tương tự sử dụng 'something'/'anything'.

1. I've got _________ to tell you.

2. Is there _________ good on TV tonight?

3. I haven't got  _________ to wear to the party.

4. Our holiday In Kenya was _________ I'll never forget.

5. Did the doctor give you _________ for that cough?

6. There isn't _________ to eat in this house!