Unit 17: Direct and reported speech II | Grammar | A2
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Unit 17: Direct and reported speech II | Grammar | A2

Trong câu tường thuật, các cụm từ biểu thị thời gian cần được thay đổi như trong bảng dưới đây: 

           CÂU TRỰC TIẾP                    CÂU GIÁN TIẾP
today, tonight that day, that night
tomorrow the following day/the next day
yesterday the previous day/the day before
last year the previous year
next year the following year
tomorrow morning the next morning
the day after tomorrow in two days' time
two days ago two days before
this/these that/those
here there
come go


Fill the gaps in the following sentences which report the conversation above:

1. Jack said he was sorry he had forgotten that it was Jill's birthday ______________.

2. He said he would buy her a present ______________.

3. She reminded him that he had said the same thing ______________.

4. He promised he wouldn't forget ______________.

Fill in the gap using the information on the previous page as a guide:

1. 'We're leaving ______________.’

He said that they were leaving the next day.

2. 'I saw Jemima ______________,’ said Ted.

Ted said that he had seen Jemima the day before.

3. 'She'll be here later ______________.' He said she would be there later that day.

4. 'I can't stay here tonight.' Julie said she ______________.

5. 'It's Impossible for me to go camping with you tomorrow morning,'

My cousin Peter said it ______________.

6. 'We stayed at home last night but we're going out tonight.'

My friends told me they ______________.


 Nhiều học sinh học tiếng Anh cảm thấy bối rối khi sử dụng hai động từ saytell
Say or tell?

Say (something) to somebody…

Say (that)...

VD: He said “Hello” to me. 
       He says it’s cold outside

   Tell somebody to… 

   Tell somebody (that)     
   Tell somebody something   

   I’m telling you to be quiet 
   Tell me that you love me 
   He told me the bad news 

Complete the following with the correct form of the verb say or tell

1. He ______ me to be quiet.

2. I ______ to her, "Why don't you invite him for dinner?"

3. Did you ______ that Auntie Margery was coming to stay?

4. The English teacher ______ my parents that I was lazy.

5. She didn't ______ that penguins live in Africa. She ______ they live in Antarctica.

6. Are you ______ me that I'm wrong?

7. Parents are always ______ their children the same things,

8. Parents are always ______ the same things to their children.