Unit 16: Future tenses | Grammar | B1
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Unit 16: Future tenses | Grammar | B1

If we are sure that something will happen because arrangements have been made, or we want to emphasize actions which will be in progress in the near or distant future, we can use the future continuous tense.
E.G. I will be staying at the Dorchester Hotel.
She’ll be waiting for you outside the cinema.
By this time tomorrow, I’ll be lying on the beach.
Will we be living in our own house by next summer?


Use the prompts below to make sentences using the future continuous, as in the example:

e.g. We/spend/our holidays/Italy.

We will be spending our holidays in Italy.

1. In the hometown of the winning team, people/put up/the flags.

2. By the time you read this, I/sit/the plane.

3. Don't forget! She/expect you/buy her some flowers.

4. He/have/physiotherapy/the next six months.

5. The baby/walk and talk/this time next year.

6. He/not go out with her/very long.

7. Who/you visit/Christmas?

8. Mr Jones/take this class/history next term?


If we are referring to something that has not happened yet but will happen before a particular time in the future, we can use the future perfect tense.
E.G. By next Christmas, he will have been in prison for five years.
By January, I will have saved enough money for that motorbike.

Read the following sentences and comment on them using the future perfect tense. Use the prompts, as in the example:

e.g. I haven't saved enough to put a deposit on a house. (this time next year)

By this time next year, I will have saved enough to out a deposit on a house.

1. We haven't worked here long enough to qualify for a pay rise. (Christmas)


2. You haven't got used to commuting yet. (next summer)


3. It hasn't rained enough to fill the reservoirs. (December)


4. She hasn't had that car for two years. (September)


5. Most people haven't paid their taxes. (April)


6. The Robinsons haven't decided where to go on holiday yet. (tomorrow)


7. I'm afraid i haven't read the report yet. (Monday morning)


8. The birds haven't begun their annual migration yet. (the end of autumn)



Choose the correct tense (future continuous or future perfect) of the verbs in parentheses to complete the following sentences:

1. I moved to Athens last June. By June this year, I ____________ (live) for a year.

2. We've only painted part of the house. By the end of the week, we ____________ (paint) the whole house.

3. This time next year, I ____________ (work) in New York.

4. If we are still here at 6:00 o'clock, we ____________ (wait) for 8 hours.

5. The children ____________ (eat) all the food by the time you arrive.

6. I ____________ (work) in the office all day tomorrow.

7. Don't worry about falling. I ____________ (stand) right behind you.

8. If I'm not at home, I ____________ (exercise) at the gym.