Unit 16: Direct and reported speech I | Grammar | A2
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Unit 16: Direct and reported speech I | Grammar | A2

'Sit down!' said Mr Bunsen. Mr Bunsen told me to sit down.
'Is this the manager's office?' asked Kim. Kim asked if that was the manager's office.
'I like your new car,' said Dennis. Dennis said he liked my new car.


Below are some sentences. They are examples of reported speech. Write the direct speech, i.e. what was actually said by the person who spoke:

e.g. Mr Macleod told me not to shout. 'Don't shout!'

1. We said we weren't ready. '__________________________.'

2. He said he was worried about Liz, '__________________________.'

3. They asked if they could come. '__________________________?'

4. Laura said she thought my dress was beautiful. '__________________________.’


Chúng ta sử dụng thì quá khứ trong câu trần thuật bởi vì chúng ta đang tường thuật lại một sự kiện trong quá khứ. Chúng ta thường dời động từ trong câu trần thuật về một thì.

Thì hiện tại -> thì quá khứ
Thì quá khứ -> thì quá khứ hoàn thành

Now look at the grid on the next page and complete the sentences, using the correct tense of the verb, as indicated:

simple present → simple past
The man said, "I'm a scientist." The man said 1.________ he a scientist.
present continuous → past continuous
"I'm listening to my new record," said the girl. The girl said she 2.________ to her new record.
simple past → simple past or past perfect
"Did you make your bed this morning?" my mother asked me. My mother asked me if I 3.________ my bed that morning.
present perfect → past perfect
"The dog hasn't eaten its dinner," said my father. My father said that the dog 4.________ its dinner.
simple future → conditional
The woman asked my mother, "Will I see you tomorrow?" The woman asked my mother if she 5.________ her the following day.


Now finish the sentences to report the following:

e.g. "Have you got a torch?" my father asked.

My father asked me if I had a torch.

1. "I haven't seen that film," said Joseph. Joseph said he ____________________.

2. "How much did you pay for your car, Sarah?" asked Jane.

Jane asked Sarah how much she ____________________.

3. "Is she your girlfriend?" asked Ron. Ron asked if ____________________.

4. "My mother tells me it's raining in Scotland," said Sandy.

Sandy's mother told her it ____________________.

5. "I'll see you later," said Peter. Peter said he ____________________.

6. "This is the best pizza I've ever eaten," Beverly said.

Beverly said that ____________________.