Unit 15: Sport & Fitness | Vocabulary | B1
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Unit 15: Sport & Fitness | Vocabulary | B1

EXERCISE 1  |  Sports venues

Where might the following sports be played?

1. boxing A. rink
2. football B. ring
3. tennis C. pitch
4. golf D. court
5. skating E. track
6. athletics F. course

Complete the sentences below with any of the venues mentioned either above or in the box below:

ground     stadium     field

1. Concerts are sometimes held in the Olympic __________.

2. The first time I played tennis, I couldn't even keep the ball inside the __________.

3. The football match was postponed because the __________ was waterlogged.

4. Athletics consists of track and __________ sports such as running, the high jump, the javelin.

5. The team felt at an advantage since they were playing (on their) home __________.


Many team sports involve hitting a ball. Match the following pieces of equipment with the sport in which each is used:

1. stick A. cricket
2. club B. tennis
3. racquet C. hockey
4. bat D. golf

EXERCISE 3  |  Scoring

Match the sport with the scoring system used:

1 tennis A. try
2 football B. run
3 cricket C. round
4 rugby D. goal
5 boxing E. point


Which sports do you associate with the following expressions?




hole in one






EXERCISE 5  |  Ways of opening a game

Match the following ways with the appropriate sport:

1. tennis A. tee off
2. football B. bat
3. cricket C. serve
4. golf D. kick off

EXERCISE 6  |  Movements

Fill the gaps in the sentences below using the verbs given in the box:

bend     stretch     climb     lean     push

1. The average housewife has to ________ the stairs about 22 times a day.

2. Don't ________ against that window; it's not very safe.

3. To do this exercise, you have to ________ from the hips and touch your toes.

4. We had to ________ the car to the side of the road and wait for the mechanic to arrive.

5. If you stand on tiptoe and ________ your body upwards, you might be able to touch the ceiling.


Eating habits are gradually changing. Doctors and nutrition experts are encouraging people to eat less red meat, less sugar and more fresh vegetables.

Below are five words connected with eating:


People have more time to spare these days, so many take up exercise as a hobby. With excess energy needing to be used up, fitness and health have become popular interests.

Below are five common words related to exercising.


Find these 10 words in the wordsearch square below: