Unit 15 Passive voice | Grammar | A2
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Unit 15 Passive voice | Grammar | A2

Câu bị động được hình thành bằng thì hiện tại đơn của động từ “to be" và quá khứ phân tình của động từ chính.
Scotsmen wear kilts. Kilts are worn by Scotsmen.
The milkman brings the milk. The milk is brought by the milkman.


Write the pass participles of these verbs in the spaces provided underneath:

Past Participle give keep make hide eat help learn speak

Now form the passive with the verb given in brackets to fill the gaps in the sentences below. The first one is done for you:

1. Prizes are given to the winners of the race. (give).

2. The books _________ in those cupboards over there. (keep).

3. Tyres _________ from rubber. (make).

4. The treasure _________ somewhere on the island. (hide).

5. Dinner _________ in the dining room. (eat).

6. The children _________ across the road by the Lollipop Lady. (help).

7. Language _________ during childhood. (learn).

8. French _________ at this restaurant. (speak).

EXERCISE 2 Training School for Air Hostesses and Stewards

Read the following text and fill the gaps using the verbs given in parentheses. The first one is done for you:

Information for trainees: all staff must remember these basic rules:


Uniform is worn (wear) at all times.

Some jewellery 1. _________ (allow).

A smart and tidy appearance 2. _________ (expect).



Every month, a cheque 3._________ (pay) into your bank account.

A receipt 4._________ (sign) by you.


Training 5._________ (provide) during the first two months of the course.

Trainees 6._________ (take) to the base by bus.

A safety video 7._________ (show) there.

You 8._________ (teach) how to cope in an emergency, for example what to do if a passenger 9._________ (injure).

You 10._________ (give) a test at the end.


Chúng ta thường sử dụng hậu tố ‘er’ vào cuối từ để chỉ một người (tác nhân) thực hiện việc đó.

E.G. A person who kills is a killer.

Complete the following sentences with a passive construction. The first one is done for you:

1. We    are taught   English by a teacher.

2. Bread _____________ by a baker.

3. This song _____________ by a famous opera singer.

4. A tennis match _____________ by two or four tennis players.

5. Wines _____________ by a wine taster.

6. Shoes and boots _____________ by a shoemaker.