Unit 14: The Sea | Vocabulary | B1
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Unit 14: The Sea | Vocabulary | B1


Look at the map below and insert the names of the five seas in the correct places:

the Atlantic Ocean      the North Sea      the Mediterranean Sea
the Caspian Sea      the Black Sea


Match the sketches with the six popular watersports named below:

water-skiing     sailing     diving     water polo     windsurfing     surfing


Find 8 types of water vessel in the anagrams below:

Our luggage was sent over by ______________.
They were rescued and brought to shore in a fishing ______________.
A ______________ towed the ship into harbour.
We love sailing so much we' re saving up to buy our own ______________.
If you go by cross-channel ______________, you can take your car with you.
The Indians travelled up river by ______________.
We cruised the canals of Venice in a ______________.
A ______________ is often used in war because it can travel on the surface of the sea as well as below it.


Use the words in the box below to form compound nouns with the word 'sea'; then use these compounds in the right form to complete the sentences below:

horse      front      food      gull      bed      lion      side      sick      weed      shell

1. The sea               is the floor of the sea.

2. We ate fresh lobsters, crabs, oysters and other sea               in a restaurant on the coast.

3. A small fish which resembles a very different animal is a sea              .

4. A sea               is a large seal of the North Pacific Ocean.

5. I like to collect different kinds of sea               when I go walking on the beach.

6. I' m not used to travelling by boat; I feel a little sea              .

7. Sea               is a kind of plant which grows in the sea; a delicacy in some countries - the Japanese eat it fried.

8. I wanted a view of the sea so I booked into a hotel on the sea              .

9. The sea               town of Folkestone is a popular summer holiday resort.

10. A flock of hungry sea              followed the ship for miles.


Make sure you know the meaning of the words in the box below:

flag     sail     mast     deck     steering     wheel

Now use them to complete the diagram:


Do you know of any myths or legends connected with the sea? Read the account of the mermaid below and then complete the exercise which follows it:

The Mermaid

Mermaids appear in the oldest legends of some of the world’s oldest cultures. Sailors returning from far-off lands and seas often spoke of seeing mermaids and ‘sea wives’. Alexander the Great, it was said, had several adventures with beautiful sea maidens, visiting the bottom of the sea in a glass globe. According to myth, mermaids have no soul and in folk tradition they are sad and lonely creatures. One story tells of the beautiful mermaid of the Holy Island of Iona, off Scotland, who visited daily an unknown saint who lived there. She was in love with him and wanted the soul that mermaids lack. The saint told her that, to gain a soul, she must renounce the sea. This was impossible, so she left in despair and never returned. But her tears remained and formed the grey-green pebbles which are found only on the island.

Look up the meanings of these words if you don't know them and then complete the sentences below:

lack     globe     renounce     legend     myth     tradition

1. In keeping with ___________ we decided to have turkey for our Christmas dinner.

2. The Geography teacher asked me to point out where Africa was on the ___________.

3. Your daughter should concentrate more on her schoolwork, Mrs Jacobs; she ___________ self-discipline.

4. Medusa was the unfortunate woman in the Greek ___________ who was loved by the god of the sea.

5. I remember reading about the ___________ of Robin Hood when I          was a small child.

6. When Max Muggins the Mugger was released from jail he decided to ___________ his previous way of life and become a monk.


Use the correct form of the word 'fish' to form compound nouns in order to identify the items below:

Complete the sentences with the words above:

1. Someone who sells fish in a shop is called a ____________.

2. A flat sea creature with five arms is a ____________.

3. The men took a small ____________ out to sea for the morning catch.

4. An old man was sitting on the harbour wall, mending his ____________ with nylon thread.

5. Uncle Jack showed me how to hold the ____________ and told me I had to be very quiet and very patient if I wanted to catch a fish.

6.  A bearded ____________ entertained the sailors with his tales of past adventures at sea.