Unit 14: Manner clauses | Grammar | B1
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Unit 14: Manner clauses | Grammar | B1

Manner clauses are introduced by the conjunctions as, as if, as though and like (although like used as a conjunction is informal). The manner clause always comes after the main clause in a sentence and explains how something is done.

E.G. You act as though you’d never been to a restaurant before. You sound as if you have a cold. Look at these two sentences: 1) He looks as if he hasn’t slept all week [he looks very tired; maybe he hasn’t slept all week], 2) He looks as if he hadn’t slept all week [he looks very tired; I know he has slept, but you would think he hadn’t]. We can use the present and past tenses in manner clauses to have almost the same meaning when we are talking about the present time as in the above examples. The difference is the use of the past, as in sentence 2 above, indicates that the statement is hypothetical (imagined or unreal).


Complete the following paragraph with the correct conjunction:

Just because you’re the headmaster’s daughter doesn’t mean you can do 1.___________ you please.

You act 2.___________ you own the school.

You shout at the teachers 3.___________ they were your slaves.

Is he 4.___________ you remember him?


Now match the following clauses with the appropriate manner clause:

1. He spends his money A. like his father does.
2. Your face is white. You look B. as the the Romans do.
3. He walked straight past me C. as if you'd seen a ghost.
4. He behaves just D. as if I hadn't slept for weeks.
5. I'm so tired. I feel E. as though I were invisible.
6. When in Rome, do F. as if he were a millionaire.


Fill the gaps in the following text with although, despite, even though, as though.

I sometimes have difficulty getting to sleep at night. 1.____________ I’m often tired after a long day’s work, I lie in bed and can’t relax. It’s 2.____________ my brain can’t switch itself off. 3.____________ I know I need to get to sleep to be fresh for the next day, I find myself worrying about all the little problems the day has brought. 4.____________ the fact that I can’t solve any of these problems in the middle of the night, I try to find solutions there and then. The clock keeps ticking away until eventually I realise that 5.____________ there are only two more hours until my alarm goes off, I still haven’t slept at all. Then, as the sun starts to come up, my eyes finally feel 6.____________ they are going to close...


Complete the sentences in the exercise below with an appropriate manner clause:

1. He's so thin and pale; he looks as if ___________________.

2. I'm so tired; I feel as though___________________.

3. This pizza doesn't taste as___________________.

4. He walked straight past me as if___________________.

5. Why didn't you do as ____________________________?

6. Your doors are creaking. They sound as if___________________.

7. She walks around the office telling everyone what to do as though ___________________.

8. You don't study hard enough. You behave like ___________________.