Unit 14: Education | Vocabulary | B2
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Unit 14: Education | Vocabulary | B2


In which order might you attend these educational establishments?

1.____________ university
2.____________ secondary school
3.____________ junior school
4.____________ college
5.____________ nursery school
6.____________ primary school
7.____________ polytechnic
8.____________ comprehensive school

Note that a junior school is for children from the ages of 7 to 11.In Britain a polytechnic is a college for advanced full- or part-time education. Some courses may lead to a degree.

A college may be (a) the official title of certain public schools (e.g. Eton College), (b) an independent institution within a university (esp. Oxford and Cambridge) or (c) a specialized institution of secondary or higher education.

There are various types of qualifications which you can acquire at school, university, polytechnic, college, ect.

Do you know what the following abbreviations stand for?

Abbreviation Meaning
A level  

Find out if you were right or not by looking at the answers at the end of the unit.


At school, you are a pupil, a member of a class and you follow/learn certain subjects.At college, polytechnic or university, you are a student, a member of a department; you follow courses and attend seminars and lectures.

The prospectus helps you to select which university you would like to attend, what courses are offered and what qualifications are required.

Read the following paragraph and fill the gaps with one of the words provided below:

studied            schooling      course      entry      degree

Compulsory education in Britain ceases at the age of sixteen. However, quite a large

number of young people choose to continue their___________________________ into the

sixth form. For two years, they have the opportunity to study for A levels (Advanced level

subjects): usually 2-3 subjects are________________ in depth during the two-year

_______________ . Success in these subjects provides a possibility for_________________

to a university or polytechnic to follow a___________________ course.


Now do the same with this paragraph:

grades      courses      information      prospectus      entry

Getting a place on a degree course can be quite a challenge for a school-leaver. If you don’t have a particular university in mind, a 1.                         will help you. It has all the details about the  2.                        available and the 3.                               requirements as well as 4.                         about the local town or city and what facilities it has to offer. Some departments are easier to enter than others. For example, to enter medical school, you may need A and B 5.                            in your A levels, whereas an Arts course may require only C and D passes.


Choose the correct word from the choice of two given in the sentences below:

1. My favourite theme/subject is history.

2. I passed my test and now have a full driving licence/diploma.

3. Before I applied to Hull University, I read the prospectus/brochure carefully.

4. I have to read/learn the names of all the American presidents for a history test tomorrow.

5. When I left school, I received three certificates/qualifications for athletics achievements


Match the following verbs with the relevant noun or phrase:

1. to undertake A. a prospectus
2. to apply to B. experience
3. to graduate in C. research
4. to consult D. an exam
5. to write E. a discussion
6. to gain F. a specific subject or discipline
7. to take/pass G. a university
8. to take part in H. an essay or dissertation


Fill the gaps with the correct word from the choices given below:

Qualifications     thesis     graduate     lectures     degree

1. If you have a degree, you are a________________ ,

2. C.S.E.s and A levels are academic______________ .

3. To get a Ph.D., you have to submit a_______________ .

4. University courses are made up of______________ and seminars.

5. I have a B.A.: my___________________________ is in Philosophy and Theology


Out of the following words and expressions, choose the most suitable to complete the sentences which follow:

a.must           b.mustn’t             c.have to         d.compulsory             e.allowed                f.permitted

g.supposed to           h.disallowed     i.not allowed             j.forbidden            k.prohibited

1. The fans went wild when the goal was              by the referee.

2. The sign shows very clearly that smoking on the bus is                   .

3. A fitness test is not                    but it is strongly advised by the board of governors.

4. You are                 phone and make an appointment before you arrive at the office

5. I                      forget to pick up my coat from the dry cleaner's today.

ANSWERS to abbreviations puzzle:

G.C.S.E. = General Certificate of Secondary Education
A level = Advanced level
B.A. = Bachelor of Arts
B.Sc. = Bachelor of Science
M.A. = Master of Arts
M.Sc. = Master of Science
M.Phil. = Master of Philosophy
Ph.D. = Doctor of Philosophy