Unit 14: Describing people | Vocabulary | A2
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Unit 14: Describing people | Vocabulary | A2



Find, the correct adjectives to describe these famous characters:


1. Laurel A. old
2. Hardy B.  thin
3. Popeye before he eats spinach C.  young
4. Popeye after he eats spinach D.  fat
5. Donald Duck E.  strong
6. Hewie, Lewie and Dewie F.  weak


What does X look like?

We sometimes choose polite ways to describe people, either because we don’t want to hurt their feelings, or we don’t want to appear rude. For example, instead of saying someone is ‘old’, we can say he or she is ‘getting on’ in years. Similarly, we can use the following:
fat chubby, overweight, plump
thin slim
ugly plain, not very attractive

Describe someone you know, using one of these ways.






You have come across several words and phrases to describe a person’s physical appearance, but what about the qualities or characteristics that you can’t see? The question ‘What is he/she like?’ is asking about that person’s personality.

Below are some words which describe character. Their opposites are created by adding prefixes (letters before the word) or suffixes (letters after the word).

Match the words with their opposites:

1. kind A. impatient
2. honest B. unfriendly
3. popular C. careless
4. friendly D. dishonest
5. careful E. unkind
6. patient F. unpopular


Here are six more words and their opposites. This time the word changes completely when we mean the opposite; can you match them in the same way?

1. shy A. rude
2. polite B. interesting
3. childish C. hard-working
4. mean D. mature
5. lazy E. confident
6. boring F. generous


Some of these qualities or characteristics are desirable; everybody wants to be popular and interesting! Those that are ‘good’ we call positive characteristics; those which are ‘bad’ we call negative characteristics.

Sort the following characteristics into two categories:

lazy     boring     mature     dishonest     friendly     patient

unkind     mean     confident     polite


Find 2 positive and 2 negative things about yourself— be honest!

Now write sentences, giving examples.

e.g. I'm very careless.  I'm always losing my keys.

1. __________________________________________

2. __________________________________________

3. __________________________________________

4. __________________________________________


Show your understanding of the words in this unit by filling the gaps in the following sentences:

1. If somebody is very ________________, they don't like spending their money (like Scrooge!).

2.  Eat your vegetables and you'll get ________________ like Popeye!

3. She never does her homework. She's so ________________.

4. Your ________________ driving was the cause of the accident.

5. He's very ________________; he goes red and gets embarrassed when he meets new people.

6. If you have no friends, you' re very ________________.

7. Her husband is very ________________; he's always buying her presents and taking her to expensive restaurants.

8. How do you keep so ________________; are you on a diet?

9. I know I can trust him to look after my money because he's very ________________.

10. Dad says museums are boring places but I think they' re ________________.