Unit 13: Possession | Grammar | A1
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Unit 13: Possession | Grammar | A1

Possessive adjectives my your his her its our your their
Possessive pronouns mine yours his hers _____ ours yours theirs

EXERCISE 1  |  Possessive pronouns

Lựa chọn: mine, yours, his, hers, ours theirs để điền vào chỗ trống, như trong câu đầu tiên: 

1. This is my hat. It's ____mine______.

2. This is Leo's bag. It's_________.

3. Give Tina the sweatshirt. It's____________.

4. You can't eat that chocolate. It's not___________.

5. Two boys stole my bicycle. Now they say that it's__________.

6. We didn't buy that fruit, It's not_________  .


Hoàn thành những câu dưới đây bằng đại từ sở hữu hoặc tính từ sở hữu thích hợp:

1. We ate__________  lunch and they ate___________.

2. You should use__________            own pencils!

3. That's not______________ wallet. I've never seen it before.

4. This building has_____________ own telephone system.

5. The children must put______________ toys away before dinner.

6. I've got__________ suitcase. Have you got___________?

7. He keeps all ____________ money in a suitcase.

8. Patricia's using Patrick's pen and he's using ___________  .


 Hoàn thành những câu dưới đây, sử dụng chính xác đại từ sở hữu:

A B  
John’s book My parents’ book It’s not his, it’s theirs.
Hilary’s pullover Her dad’s It's not hers, It's his.
My cup Gulliver’s It's not mine, it's his.
His sweatshirt Jane’s This is Jane's sweatshirt, not 1.__________.
My mum’s My calculator 1 used 2.___________ . not my mum's.
The Robertsons’ Our car 1 took . not 3.____________.
Pattrick’s Your exercise book He didn't write in Patrick's exercise book, he wrote in
His bicycle Her bicycle The bicycle is not 4.____________.
Your friend Jenny’s Sylvia is Jenny's friend, not 5.__________.
Their homeworkl Our homework We've done our homework but they haven't done 6.__________.
Our house Peter’s Let's have the party at Peter's house, not at 7.__________.