Unit 13: Nouns | A2
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Unit 13: Nouns | A2


Sort the following words into two groups:

problem     blood     furniture     advice     suggestion     package    information     box     news     person     oil     house
countable nouns uncountable nouns


Now use these words correctly to complete the sentences below:

1. Let me give you a piece of _____________ : dress smartly when you go to an interview.

2. Read this leaflet; it contains _____________ about public services.

3. What's the latest _____________ from the war zone?

4. See the doctor if you have a _____________ with your back.

5. We are looking for ways to improve sales. Do you have any _____________?

6. Did the patient lose much _____________ during the operation?

7. This _____________ comes from the olive groves of Sicily.

8. The _____________ will be delivered on Wednesday.


Trong một số ngôn ngữ, đây là những danh từ đếm được, nhưng trong tiếng Anh thì những danh từ này không đếm được, đó là: advice, information, damage, knowledge, English, French,... 
Danh từ chỉ các nhóm đồ vật như: clothing, furniture, hair, money, news, rubbish, travel, work, luggage thường không có hình thức số nhiều.
Tuy nhiên, một số danh từ này có thể được chuyển thành hình thức đếm được khi thêm các cụm từ như: piece(s) of, bit(s) of, article(s) of, item(s) of vào phía trước danh từ không đếm được.
VD. Let me give you a bit of advice. Only one piece of hand luggage is allowed.

Underline the correct form of the verb in the following sentences:

1. Her hair is / are dark brown.

2. The first item of news was / were the water shortage.

3. The money I get from my teaching job cover/ covers my travelling expenses.

4. Travel is / are enjoyable and can be educational, too.

5. She sent three pieces of luggage but only two have /has arrived.

6. These articles of clothing was / were in the garage.


1. The damage ______ paid for by the boy's father.

2. The rubbish ______ collected every Friday.

3. Our new furniture ______ being delivered this afternoon.

4. Their climbing equipment ______ kept in the shed.

5. Six pieces of written work ______ required before the end of term.

6. Some valuable pieces of furniture ______ lost when we moved house.

7. Protective clothing ______ provided for dangerous jobs.

8. Make sure the work ______ finished by 6:00 o’clock.

9. Knowledge of computers ______ used by the thieves to break into the bank’s files

10. The news ______ shown at 8:30 p.m. on this channel.