Unit 13: Climate | Vocabulary | B2
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Unit 13: Climate | Vocabulary | B2


Below are ways to describe the wind, the sky and the rain, under various weather conditions. Sort them into three categories:

drizzle            dull            breeze            overcast            spitting            gale
orcegrey            torrent           blue            strong           cool
pouring            shower      clear            downpour            northerly            bright


EXERCISE 2          |          Rain words

Match the following words with their definitions on the right:

1. drizzle A. snow mixed with rain
2. shower B. fine, steady rain
3. sleet C. frozen rain falling in a shower
4. downpour D. brief fall of rain
5. hail E. heavy fall of rain


What weather conditions would you expect in the following places? Think about temperature, rainfall and seasonal changes.


The type of living accommodation you have is to a great extent dictated by the climate of the place in which you live.

Match the types of housing below with the conditions they are built to endure:

1. Danger of earthquakes A. Igloos
2. Very low temperatures B. houses built on stilts (legs)
3. Areas prone to flooding C. low, squat houses with deep foundations
4. Fierce sunshine D. Houses painted White

EXERCISE 5       |         Extreme weather conditions

Identify the definition which corresponds to the following words:

1. hurricane      2. flood                        3. gate              4. monsoon

A. Very high winds, very dangerous for ships at sea.

B. Very high winds and storms causing lots of damage to buildings etc.

C. Heavy rain at certain times of the year - a phenomenon of humid, tropical climates.

D. High rainfall causing rivers to burst their banks and roads to disappear under water.


Do you know the names of the colours of the rainbow? Decipher them from the anagrams below (e.g. colour 6 is INDIGO):

EXERCISE 7         |      wait; await; expect

Choose the correct word from the choice of three above to complete these sentences:

1. According to the weather report, we can                rain later in the day.

2. It’s too windy now but if you                   until late, we’ll be able to go water-skiing.

3. We all took shelter and settled down to                    the arrival of the storm.


Fill in the gaps using the words in the box:

heatwave        barometer         damp           typhoon            dry
blizzard            variable           Celsius           acclimatise

1. People who travel a lot might have to____________ themselves to____________ weather conditions. If one was to visit Athens in the middle of summer, one might experience a____________ if the temperature were 45°_____________ .

2. A                        might help someone to judge probable changes in the weather but not many people travel with one.

3. People spending their holidays In the Western Pacific might be unfortunate enough to get caught in a                           making their stay rather catastrophic.

4. Visiting friends in Western Canada in winter might mean getting caught in a making one unable to leave because of the snow and ice on the roads.

5. Someone who has arthritis might avoid travelling to places which are                 because it makes their bones hurt, They might prefer to visit places which are quite                      like the Sahara desert.