Unit 12 Present perfect II | Grammar | A2
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Unit 12 Present perfect II | Grammar | A2


Khẳng định: He’s been to Portugal (Anh ấy đã đến Bồ Đào Nha)

Phủ định:     He’s never been to Portugal (Anh ấy chưa bao giờ đến Bồ Đào Nha)

Nghi vấn:     Has he ever been to Portugal? (Anh đã từng đến Bồ Đào Nha chưa?)

Slim Profito is a rich man. He owns supermarkets all over the world. He is from Italy but his work takes him to many different places. Look at the pictures to see where he has been.


Ask and answer questions as in the example:

e.g. Has Slim aver been to Jamaica?      Yes, he has.

Has he ever been to Japan?                    No, he hasn’t.

1. _________________ to Africa?            Yes, _________________.

2. _________________ to Switzerland?   Yes, _________________.

3. _________________ to China?             No, _________________.


Now complete these sentences with has been or has never been.

1. Slim Profito ______________ to Spain.

2. He ______________ to Albania.

3. He ______________ to America.

4. He ______________ to the U.K..


Complete the dialogue below using the present perfect of the verbs given in parentheses and short answers where appropriate:

Mr Bell is at the doctor’s surgery. He is a heavy smoker and he has had pains in his chest recently:

Doctor: Hello. Mr Bell, isn't it?

Mr Bell: Yes, that’s right.

Doctor: Tell me, Mr Bell. (1)___________ you (2)___________ (have) any chest pains since your last visit?

Mr Bell: Well, yes, I (3)___________.

Doctor: (4)___________ you  (5)___________ (find) any difficulty in breathing?

Mr Bell: Yes, I (6)___________.

Doctor: OK, let me listen to your breathing. (7)___________ you  (8)___________ (take) any painkillers or other medicines?

Mr Bell: No, I (9)___________.

Doctor: You smoke, don’t you, Mr Bell?

Mr Bell: Yes, I (10)___________     (11)___________ (smoke) forty cigarettes a day ever since I was twelve years old.

Doctor: (12)___________ you ever (13)___________ (think) about giving up smoking, Mr Bell?

Mr Bell: Yes, I (14)___________  . I (15)___________   ___________ (try) to stop several times but I (16)___________ always (17)___________ (start) again. It’s a habit, you see.

Doctor: Yes, I know, Mr Bell. But you are not a young man any more. You’re seventy-one years old. You (18)___________  (18)___________ (be) a smoker for nearly sixty years now!

Mr Bell: Yes...

Doctor: Now, I could give you a drug to help you stop smoking. (20)___________ you (21)___________ (hear) of ‘Nicostop’, Mr Bell?

Mr Bell: No, I (22)___________.

Doctor: Well, it’s an American drug that (23)___________   ___________ (become) available in Europe. It (24)___________  (25)___________(show) excellent results. Would you like to try it? Scientists (26)___________  ___________(test) it on rats and mice, you know.

Mr Bell: And (27)___________ those rats and mice (28)___________ (stop) smoking now, doctor?