Unit 12: Possession | Grammar | A1
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Unit 12: Possession | Grammar | A1

‘s được thêm vào đăng sau tên hoặc danh từ để chỉ quyền sở hữu trực tiếp.

VD: The book belongs to Jason.

It’s Jason’s book.

Apostrophe after s (s’) is added to plural regular nouns to show possession.

E.G. This tape recorder belongs to the girls.
It’s the girls’ tape recorder.


Nối những đồ vật sau với chủ sở hữu của chúng: 

1.  John’s pencil

2.  Fred’s T-shirt

3.  Leo’s bag

4.  Tina’s sweatshirt

5.  Patty’s exercise book

  • Colour Fred’s T-shirt red.
  • Colour Leo’s bag green.
  • Colour Patty’s exercise book blue.


Điền vào chỗ trống, như ví dụ: 

e.g. The pencil is John’s.

1. The T-shirt is ____________.

2. The bag is ____________.

3. The sweatshirt is ___________.

4. The exercise book is ______________.


Possessive adjectives my your his her its our your their

Hoàn thành những câu sau với tính từ sở hữu thích hợp: 

1. Leo's carrying__________  bag.

2. Tina's wearing__________ sweatshirt.

3. Patty's not wearing___________ T-shirt. She's wearing Fred's.

4. We're doing____________  homework.

5. My dog's got__________ own house.

6. I haven't got_____________ glasses with me.

7. You can’t come in unless you’ve got _____________membership card.

8. The boys are in _____________bedroom.

9. It’s not ____________Walkman. It doesn’t belong to you.

10. All visitors must leave __________ bags at the reception desk.

11. The palace opened _________doors to the public for the first time last week.

12. Give me back __________keys!