Unit 12: City | Vocabulary | B2
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Unit 12: City | Vocabulary | B2

EXERCISE 1    |    houses for rent – two advertisements

Read the following advertisements for rented accommodation. What differences do you notice in:

a size                  b surroundings?

Which would you prefer as a home?

1 2
Attractive cottage for rent in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside. One bedroom, living room and kitchen/din- ing room, small bathroom. Large veg­etable garden and stream running through the grounds. Quiet, peaceful surroundings. Third-floor flat close to the town centre. Fully furnished bedroom and kitchen/dining room. Small balcony overlooking the High Street. Easy access to local shops and facilities.


Sort the following words into two groups: those which you associate with the country and those which you associate with the city:

Noise        green         healthy       relaxation         pollution           traffic             entertainment       quiet      fashion              space



Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city. Consider the following factors

employment              sports facilities           crime  

pollution                     traffic                         entertainment

health problems        cost                              stress level

shopping                    excitement                  career

Of living in the city

EXERCISE 4       |      abbreviations

What do the following stand for?


EXERCISE 5       |         Stating preference

Below are several ways of expressing preference. Finish each sentence to make a statement that is true for you in the context of this unit:

1. I'd prefer to live in the city/country because ________________________.

2. I' d like to_______________________________________.

3. I' d welcome the chance to __________________________.

4. I' d choose to__________________________.

EXERCISE 6       |       Easily confused words

Fill the gaps in the following with the appropriate word in a suitable form:

advantage      value               worth              profit              gain

1. A(n)______________ of living in the town is being close to the shops.

2. The job doesn't pay very well but you will______________ some valuable experience if you give it a try.

3. The restaurant is doing so well that this month's_______________ are higher than ever.

4. It's not        spending all that money on a piece of jewellery.

5. The public transport service no longer provides              for money.


Pair the words which are similar in meaning and then they differ:

1. river  A. land
2. sea B. hill
3. field C. wood
4. forest D. animals
5. wildlife E. ocean
6. mountain F. stream

EXERCISE 8                                                      where are you from?

Using these verbs in the correct form, complete the paragraph below:

to move house       to bring up        to grow up

to be born            to settle down

I 1.__________ in the year 1970.I 2.___________ in a town in Southern Italy by my mother and grandparents. I always said I wanted to be a pilot when I 3.____________ .

When I was eighteen, my family 4. _______________ ; we went to live by the sea. Now my

mother would like me to find a good job, get married and 5. ________________ .

Now write a similar paragraph about yourself, using the same verbs.



Do you associate these words with city or country life, in general?

forest       technology       stream       field       skyscraper

harvest       communications       wildlife       progress

Now find them in the WORDSEARCH: