Unit 11: Age | Vocabulary | B2
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Unit 11: Age | Vocabulary | B2

In many countries you are considered a child until you 'come of age' at 18 or 21. Often, however, you can legally marry when you are still technically considered a 'minor' (not an adult). It may seem illogical that you could be married and be a father or mother and yet not be of voting age.


What do you think? Should teenagers be allowed to marry? Should the age at which you can vote be changed?






There are many English words used to define a person's age. Some definitions are more clear-cut than others. What ages do you consider to correspond to these labels?


middle age
old age


As people reach maturity, their interests change. The things you enjoy as a teenager are unlikely to be the same things that interest you in middle age. Of the following, which do you think are most likely to concern old people and young people respectively?

Wrinkles         fashion                        investment                  sports cars
shopping          s
avings           noise and excitement             peace and quiet
pension/retirement    the past           staying out late



Of the following prefixes, choose the correct one to form the opposites of the adjectives below:

Il-      un-    in-     ir-     im-

1. mature                                                          

2. logical                                                             

3. married                                                         

4. considerate                                                     

5. respective                                                       


A will is a legal document declaring the identity of those to whom you wish to leave your wealth, property, belongings, etc. It must be signed by a witness and endorsed by a lawyer. The person who inherits or receives your property after your death is usually your next of kin. Someone who has the right to inherit money, property or a title is called an heir (pronounced / eə /).

Do you know the meaning of the following words?

kin        inherit        heir         will        document

Use each of the five words above once to complete the gaps in the following sentences:

1. In case of accident, your next of ____________ will be notified.

2. If grandfather dies, little Johnny will __________ his whole estate.

3. Uncle Geoffrey left me £5,000 in his _______ .

4. This is a legal ________ and must be signed by all parties inthe presence of a lawyer.

5. As Lord Alfred's only living relative, you are his sole _________ and will one day become the Earl of Hamptonshire.


When they retire, people often find they have a lot of time on their hands. This leads many to think about taking up a new interest or hobby and some decide to go to night school to learn a craft, a language, etc. Popular subjects are the following:D.I.Y.



French/Spanish/German conversation

Car Mechanics

Flower Arranging

Match the following verbs and noun phrases related to night school entry:

1. to apply for A. a weekly session
2. to enroll on B. a fee
3. to attend C. entrance to college
4. to register D. a course
5. to complete E. at the beginning of term
6. to pay F. a registration form


Below are eight words and phrases connected with age. Match each with the correct definition from the list on the right.

1. ageless A. become legally an adult
2. act your age B. not be legally old enough to do something
3. age group C. be aware that you are getting older
4. come of age D. behave in a way that is suitable for someone as old or mature as you
5. be over age E. be too old, according to a low of particular regulations, to do something
6. feel your age F. a number of people of similar age
7. be under age G. the oldest or youngest age at which you are allowed to do something
8. age limit H. never seeming to get older