Unit 10: Adjectives and Adverbs | Grammar | A2
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Unit 10: Adjectives and Adverbs | Grammar | A2

Hầu hết các trạng từ được hình thành bằng cách thêm ly vào sau tính từ.

Có một số ngoại lệ. VD: Good (tính từ), well (trạng từ)

Look at the table below and note the spelling changes:

Adverbs of manner
kind kindly
terrible terribly
peaceful peacefully
angry angrily
good well


Using the table above as a spelling guide, complete the list of adverbs below:


















Now fill the gaps to complete this introduction to the story of The Sleeping Beauty:

When the princess was born, all the good fairies came to the palace to give her their special gifts.

One fairy promised that the princess would dance (1)___________________. (graceful)

She would sing (2)___________________. (beautiful)

She would play the piano (3)___________________. (good)

She would behave  (4)___________________ towards others. (kind)

She would laugh (5)___________________ every day of her life. (happy)

But then the bad fairy came in and shouted  (6)___________________. (angry)

"She will prick her finger on a needle and die!"

The princess didn’t die, but she slept (7)___________________ (peaceful) for a hundred years. This made the King and Queen very sad at first, but soon they and all the people in the kingdom were sleeping  (8)__________________ (deep) too!

But you all know the rest of the story...!


Một tính từ cung cấp thông tin về một danh từ: (tính từ + danh từ)
VD. A quiet child                        bad weather 

Một trạng từ cung cấp thông tin về một động từ. Trạng từ sẽ chỉ ra cho chúng ta biết ‘how’ (như thế nào) hoặc ‘in what way’ (bằng cách nào) một hành động/ sự việc xảy ra, vd. Happens: (động từ + trạng từ)
VD. The child spoke quietly.       He is behaving badly.

Transform the following sentences so that the meaning remains the same. Use an adverb (verb + adverb) as in the example:

e.g. He's a careful driver.  He drives carefully.
1. She's a quick learner. ______________________________
2. Your children are good singers. ______________________________
3. Why is he talking in a loud voice? ______________________________
4. He speaks perfect French. ______________________________
5. The psychiatrist seemed to be a patient listener. ______________________________
6. Her laugh wasn't enthusiastic. ______________________________