Unit 1: Subject pronouns/object pronouns | Grammar | A1
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Unit 1: Subject pronouns/object pronouns | Grammar | A1

Đại từ nhân xưng được dùng như một danh từ

VD. John likes chips. He likes chips.

He = đại từ nhân xưng chủ ngữ

John and Anne live in Scotland.

        They live in Scotland.

They = đại từ nhân xưng tân ngữ

Đại từ nhân xưng tân ngữ đứng sau động từ.

VD. He likes chips. He likes them.

Them = đại từ nhân xưng tân ngữ

Put the cat out. Put it out.

Write to your sister. Write to her.


Hoàn thành bảng sau với dạng đại từ phù hợp:

Subject pronoun I   he   it   you  
Object pronoun   you   her   us   them


Hoàn thành câu với dạng đại từ đúng từ bảng ở bài tập 1:

1. I'm behind the tree. You can't see______________.
2. Jill's got some sweets. Ask____________ to give you one.
3. My dad's waiting for me. Tell______________ I'm going to be late.
4. There's a mouse. I'm going to catch__________ .
5. Georgina is a secretary._____________ types letters.
6. "Have you got any lemons?'' "No, I'm sorry.____________'re all gone."
7. "Have you got my money?" "Yes. I've got_______________.
8. "What kind of dog is that?" “_________ 's a labrador."
9. "Have I got ice cream on my nose?" "Yes,___________have."
10. "Where's Humphrey?" "I just saw__________ taking a bath."


Hoàn thành câu bằng cách thay thế những từ in đậm bằng một đại từ phù hợp:

e.g. I sent Bill the photos.      I sent them to him.

1. I keep my pet snake in a cage. I keep______________ in a cage.

2. My hair is getting very long._____________ is getting very long.

3. My grandmother knits socks for my grandfather.

________________knits socks for_____________.

4. George doesn't like sausages.

_______________ doesn't like__________.

I lost the ticket, I lost____________.

6. He gave his mother the flowers.

He gave___________to___________.

7. I asked John for the money.

I asked____________for_____________.


Ghép các câu hỏi và câu trả lời sau để tạo thành 5 đoạn hội thoại ngắn:

1. “ Have you got your camera?”

2. “Did you see the sea lions at the zoo?”

3. “Where’s Jenny?”

4. “Did Dad give you your pocket money?”

5. “Was Diana with David at the party?”

A. “I saw her going to the cinema”

B. “Yes, I saw them together. They danced at night”

C .“Yes, I’ve got it. It’s in my bag.”

D. “Yes, I saw them. They were really funny.”

E. “Yes, he gave me £2.00.”