Unit 1: Adjectives | Grammar | B1
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Unit 1: Adjectives | Grammar | B1


We often use the verb get + adjective to mean become.
E.G. ‘I get tired, as in ‘I get tired when I stay up late.’

Complete the sentences below by filling the gaps with the correct word from the list:

embarrassed     old     angry     used to     annoyed     bored     fed up     sleepy     hungry     wet

1. She gets ___________ when she's got nothing to do.

2. They get ___________ when it's nearly dinnertime.

3. I know I'm getting ___________ when I start to forget things easily.

4. I got ___________ with stamp collecting, so I found a new hobby.

5. You get ___________ after a heavy meal.

6. I got ___________ my new haircut after a while.

7. He gets ___________ if he has to talk in front of a group of people.

8. I get ___________ when my brother plays my records.

9. She gets ___________ if people are rude to her.

10. I will get ___________ if I don'f take my umbrella.

EXERCISE 2  |  Adjectives and preposition

Which of the following adjectives are followed by with and which by of? Sort them into two groups:

crowded     ashamed     proud     fed up     terrified     fond     disappointed

jealous     friendly     tired     pleased     angry

adjective + with adjective + of

Now complete these sentences with the appropriate adjective and preposition combination:

1. Everyone is _______ _______ Mandy because she's rich, good-looking and successful.

2. I'm _______ _______ my car. Everyone In my street has got a Porsche, but I've only got a Mini.

3. Shelley got an 'E' for her composition. She was _______ _______ the result.

4. He's been _______ _______ Jonathan for years. They used to play in the same rugby club.

5. The bus was _______ _______ people, so I walked to work i

6. Heather was _______ _______ her natural hair colour, so she dyed her hair bright green.

7. The footballers were very _______ _______ their away win.

8. The man refused to climb the stairs as he was _______ _______

9. I'm very _______ _______ That's why I keep so many pets.

10. She was very _______ _______ her husband when she discovered he had been telling lies.

11. The woman said that she was very _______ _______ the work done by the house painters.

12. I'm _______ _______ doing all the work and James getting all the credit for it.