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Irregular Verbs List

This list contains all the irregular verbs of the English language. Each entry includes the base or bare infinitive first,...


Abstract Nouns

What are abstract nouns? You probably can recall that nouns are words that name people, animals, places, things, and ideas. Here, we’ll...


What is a Noun?

Of all the parts of speech, nouns are perhaps the most important. A noun is a word that identifies a...


CUỘC THI ENGLISH VLOG – Shrimp Family Team – Coffee

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Students Feedback

The thoughts, feelings and messages from students to our centre

Phạm Trần Minh Thuận
My second home

“Studying in this centre for three months—not too long, not too short—but it was warm and happy enough for me to realize that SAOHOM is my second home!”

Nguyễn Vũ Quốc Bảo
A firm foundation for future

“Now I havegot a really firm English foundation that I can keep pace with international students easily when studying in countries where English is the official language.”

Đoàn Mỹ Thu
SAOHOM – My big family

I amdoing my study in Australia—such a beautiful country.Still, whenever I recallmy big family SAOHOM, lots of good memories are back.

Đặng Tiến Sĩ
Wheremy dreams come true…

So far, I can’t believe that I obtained a US student visa. Thank you SAOHOM so much for making my dreams come true after only 6 months of studying.


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